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At Amicus International Consulting, we provide services and advice for issues related to new identities, second passports/citizenships, anonymous travel, cryptocurrency protection, and more.

We create solutions for clients who find themselves in very unique and challenging circumstances. Apply remotely without needing to travel to or reside in the country your citizenship will be issued.

How to Get a New Identity With Amicus – 59 Years of Experience

Amicus International Consulting is an information provider on legal Nationality and Residency programs. We currently refer serious candidates to highly trusted and reliable sources representing a few select approved Government “Residency” Programs. You can apply remotely without needing to travel to or reside in the country your citizenship will be issued. Amicus simplifies the complexities of how to get a new identity with proven methods from qualified professionals. If you decide to get a new identity, trust us here at Amicus International Consulting.

How to Get a New legal Identity with the Professionals at Amicus International Consulting

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Starting fresh with a new identity seems easy to think about, but it is an enormous task on both ends of the spectrum. First of all, applying requires full commitment on your side. Here at Amicus, we waste no time. We will screen your application to find out if you are just curious. This process is reserved for serious applicants only. The first step will require you to contact us and fill out a series of questions pertaining to your inquiry on how to get an identity.

Our Team Will Provide You with a Step-By-Step Process

If we approve your application, we will get started on your case immediately. Our team at Amicus will create a detailed analysis of your situation. We examine every facet to the smallest detail to ensure every variable is covered, then contact you with the results. We will help develop a detailed “life story” that matches your new legal identity. Trust our team to create a uniquely adaptable personality to your situation. As a reminder, you don’t need to travel to the country you are applying a new identity for. Our services are 100% remote.

Become One with Your New Identity

Once we quantify how to secure a new legal identity, we acquire all your documents and legend related to your new identity. Amicus will guide you through all the necessary steps to adapt to your new identity quickly. Starting a completely new life is an opportunity that not many people can do. Changing your identity is no easy feat, but we facilitate the bridge between the possibilities. Start living your life your way with the solutions we bring to the table.

Wondering How to Get a New Identity?

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At Amicus, we work with the utmost confidentiality for all our clients. We emphasize keeping case-sensitive information within the confines of the business, no matter the case, with no exceptions. Our pledge is offering the top services from getting a second passport, anonymity, new identity, extraditions, treaty transfers, and reputation rebuilding.

Working with an exclusive clientele means our endeavours are nothing short of precise and commanding. Our caseworkers have decades of experience in the field, so you can be sure you will be safe and secure with our services. Our methods are Tried, True, and Trusted. Attaining an alternate identity or crypto ID has never been easier here at Amicus.



Is it really against the law to use a false name online?

Before creating a false online persona, consider the legal implications. While using a fake name itself is not illegal, it can be problematic depending on the context. Misusing a false identity for criminal activities, identity theft, or providing false identification is against the law. Be aware of the potential consequences before assuming a different identity online.

Can I start a new life with a new identity?

Establish a new identity with Amicus International to begin anew with a clean slate, ensuring that your past remains untraceable to your new alias. Our team meticulously crafts a life story or Legend for your new identity, tailored to a timeline that suits your needs. It is imperative to uphold your new identity and refrain from any mention of your previous life to safeguard the integrity of your alias and the extensive efforts invested in crafting your fresh start.

How do I acquire multiple identities legally?

In short, there are no legal ways to acquire multiple identities. However, there are exceptions, though the qualifications to attain those exceptions are extensive. Certain countries will let you legally change your name/identity if you are an immigrant, as long as you aren’t using a name native to their country. If you seek anonymity, then companies, incorporations, and trusts will provide you with multiple identities to hide your real one. You can also acquire numerous identities if you suffer from MPD (multiple personality disorder). Contact Amicus International for a free case evaluation to see how we can help you create a new identity.

How hard is it to erase your current identity and create a new one?

It is a complex process to transition from your current identity to a new one. Successful acquisition of a new identity requires dedicated transformation in every aspect of your life. Given the illicit nature of many methods for creating a new identity, it is crucial to partner with a reputable company specializing in establishing new aliases and liaising with governmental authorities. The seamless development and preparation of your Legend can only be accomplished with the guidance of experts in the field of new identity services.

Is it possible to buy a whole new identity?

Acquire your new identity confidently with the trusted professionals at Amicus International. Purchasing a complete identity overhaul can be a significant investment, with costs varying based on individual circumstances and the source. While some companies in different regions may offer identity creation services, the dark web also presents an option, albeit with higher risks of failure. Ensure a successful transition by entrusting your identity change to Amicus International, where we boast a flawless track record of 100% success rates.

If I wanted a legit new identity, how difficult would it be?

As mentioned previously, it is exceptionally complicated to acquire a new identity. Receiving an alternate identity requires a large amount of money and commitment on your end. You must sacrifice every aspect you built in your previous life for the one you will receive. That means relationships, accolades, and experiences will cease to exist in the context of your new alias. If you’re ready to get started on how to get a new identity, then we’re more than prepared to help.

How do I legally get a new identity without help from the government?

Seeking a new identity without government assistance can present legal challenges. At Amicus, our team of experts specializes in providing solutions for those navigating unique and complex circumstances. Whether you require a change in identity, our professionals at Amicus International are here to assist you with their diverse expertise.

How would one create a new identity legally?

Seeking to legally establish a new identity? Look no further than Amicus International. Our team of agents provides tailored solutions to guide you through the process of creating your new alias seamlessly and effectively.

How do I obtain new identity documents?

Obtaining new identity documents is a crucial process that depends on your unique situation. The government can provide assistance with specific identification documents, particularly those related to changing your identity. If you need to obtain new identity documents, please contact Amicus from your current location. You do not need to travel or reside in the country where you will receive citizenship. Our team will carefully review your application and conduct a thorough inquiry to determine the best approach for obtaining your new identity documents.

What is the best way to create a fake identity?

Why settle for a fake identity when you can have a legitimate one that fits your needs perfectly? At Amicus, our team of professionals can create a new identity complete with the right backstory and supporting documentation. Rest assured, we operate with the utmost confidentiality and provide credentials to match. Trust us to help you establish an alternate identity that aligns with your requirements.