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Amicus Can Help You Get a NEW and LEGAL Second Passport

There are many different reasons why a person might need a new identity — whether it’s wanting to disperse their tax obligations, future laws regarding cryptocurrency, starting over, or evading harmful situations — Amicus International Consulting can help.

We have a completely remote application process. Apply without traveling to or residing in the country your citizenship will be issued from.

We can create for you a new and legal alternate identity complete with a Legend (life story) to support it and all necessary documents (Birth Certificate, Passport, Driver’s License, National Identity Card, Medical Card, and Social Security/ Insurance Number). We can provide you with all the documents and advice required to establish your complete new legal identity and a second passport.

Why Choose Amicus?

Amicus International Consulting has the experience and knowledge to deal with a crisis. We know how to operate under pressure, provide options, and deliver your legal 2nd passport and new identity.

Let’s be clear!

Amicus International Consulting DOES NOT SELL PASSPORTS. We merely act as a referral/vetting agent for governments only and not the source. The source is an association of International Lawyers who provide the most private and up-to-date services for second citizenship available. They’ve been involved with second citizenship consulting for the last 57 years with complete confidentiality guaranteed by Attorney-client Privilege.

We offer 100% GUARANTEES for all our clients who choose to work with us. Please read the following stories before you decide to get a second passport from others.

Consequences of Choosing Other Providers Than Amicus for Second Passport Services

Australian Drug Fugitive Arrested With Fake Passport In Phuket

PHUKET: Police arrested a 58-year-old Australian man in a bar on Patong’s party street Bangla Rd last night (Sept 13) after the man had spent three years quietly living in Phuket avoiding a warrant for his arrest in Australia on drug charges.

Phuket Tourist Police and Phuket Crime Suppression officers, working with the Australian Federal Police (AFP), moved in and arrested Robert Gordon Pollybank Gee at Bar Funk, opposite the Tiger Pub bar complex on Bangla Rd, at 11pm.

Gee was wanted on an arrest warrant issued in Australia on July 4, 2012, for drug-possession charges.To make matters worse for the Australian drug fugitive, Gee was also found in possession of a fake passport.

“We found him at the bar. He was surprised to see us there,” said Police Major Nareuwat Phutwiro, an investigator with the Phuket Tourist Police.The fake passport Gee was carrying identified him as Canadian national “Roy Greyeyes”, Maj Nareuwat explained.

“He admitted that the passport was fake, but he did not tell us where he bought it from,” he said. Gee entered Thailand without passing through an immigration checkpoint sometime in 2011, Maj Nareuwat told The Phuket News.

“He has been in Phuket since 2013, and he bought the fake passport to use in order to remain here – until he was arrested last night,” he added.

“Gee was taken to Patong Police Station for further questioning,” Maj Nareuwat said.

This Is How The UAE Detects Fake Passports

The GDRFA in Dubai has detected 718 fake passports, 23 altered passports and 417 impersonation cases from January 2016 to 2017.

As the UAE is expecting an influx of visitors in the run up to Expo 2020, immigration officials are tightening their grip on forged and fake passports and travel documents.

The main Document Examination Center at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigner Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai is established for travel document forgery detection to keep control of all ports in the emirate. Established five years ago, it has helped detect 718 fake passports, 23 altered passports and 417 impersonation cases from January 2016 to 2017.

Aqil Ahmed Alnajjar, Director of the Document Examination Center, said modern technologies are constantly introduced to adapt to new and innovative methods of forgery. He noted that Dubai airports currently see about 140,000 passengers coming in and out of the emirate daily, and the number is set to increase the closer the date gets to 2020. “We will see millions of visitors crossing our ports and have to tighten our security. The centre is set to be part of the state security system,” said Alnajjar.


He added that there are 19 security features available in the majority of passports worldwide, which determine whether documents are genuine. Among the basic physical evidence include the watermark or coloured fibres on passport pages.

To detect forged passports, about 1,700 trained first-line officers are deployed across the counters of Dubai ports; the number is set to increase. “These officers are strap-ped for time, so we train them to spot signs of impersonation within six seconds, and fake passports within maximum of five minutes,” said Alnajjar, noting that officers are constantly trained on new forgery trends that come up.

Through advanced retrochecks – a machine that helps check travel documents that are suspect – introduced to every counter at Dubai airports, first-line officers determine whether a document is genuine. “Most of the cases we see are fake first pages of passports, which are detectable at least 80 per cent of the time to front-line officers,” said Alnajjar.
Impersonation is spotted through looking at prominent features of a person such as face structure, ear and eye shape.

When in doubt, the documents are transferred to 18 second-line officers, whose offices lie close to the first-liners. Alnajjar said the centre will be looking to deploy more officers in the coming period.

If physical evidence indicates that the document is fake, the documents are then checked by 50 employees at the main centre, located at Dubai airport’s terminal 1.

Alnajjar added that eight remote machines scattered across Dubai airports’ three terminals, Al Maktoum International Airport, besides other sea and land ports around Dubai, allow officers to transfer suspect documents to the main centre in a process that takes less than 10 minutes. “It saves time and cost and avoids delays for passengers,” he said.

While two-thirds – about 66 per cent – of cases detected are fraud impersonation, the majority of cases witnessed are passengers who fell victim to promises of pursuing a better life. “Many people from developing countries fall victim to forgers who promise them a better life away from the political conflicts in their countries. They sell all they have to get their so-called new passports, which they are unaware are fake,” said Alnajjar.

If fake travel documents are caught on arrival to the country, said Alnajjar, the person at fault is deported on the spot, after being blacklisted. If caught on the way out, the centre transfers the forged documents to the police to take further action.

The centre, however, is looking to introduce ways to file reports and transfer them to Dubai courts directly. “We are looking to save time and delays to passengers and the police by introducing a new service through which we can file reports to the court directly without having to go through the police,” he said.

The ambition is to make the centre an institute for travel document examination. “Within the next five years, we want to be the point of reference in the region, where we train people on passport checking,” said Alnajjar.

Major security features in passports

Majority of passports around the world have 19 security features that determine document accuracy. The most basic 10 are:

> Watermark (a faint design made on paper during manufacture, and visible when held against the light)
> Security thread (found on the corner of passport pages)
> Coloured fibres (small fibres on passports visible to the
naked eye)
> Fluorescent fibres (visible only under ultraviolet rays)
> Fluorescent ink (visible only under ultraviolet rays)
> Microprinting (information printed on passport that cannot be read without magnifiers; diff-icult to be copied)
> Optical Variable Ink (OVI)
> Intaglio printing
> Electrotype watermark
> Guilloche (complicated patterned print difficult to copy)

Number of forged documents detected by GDRFA

January to December 2016

Fake passports: 657

Altered passports: 21

Fraud impersonation cases: 391

Total: 1,069

In the month of January 2017

Fake passports: 61

Altered passports: 1

Fraud impersonation cases: 26

Total: 88

Learn Everything About the “Legend”, LEGAL Second Passport, and Crypto-ID

There are many different reasons why a person might need a New Identity — whether its wanting to disperse their Tax Obligations, Future Laws and Regulations regarding Crypto Currency, starting over in a New Country, leaving their past behind, or evading harmful  situations — Amicus International Consulting can help.

We can create for you a “New” Legal Alternate Identity complete with a “Legend/Life story” to support it and all necessary documents (Birth Certificate, Passport, Driver’s License, National Identity Card, Medical Card and  Social Security/ Insurance Number). We can provide you with all the documents and advice required to establish your complete New Legal Identity.Remote Application.
Apply fully remotely with no need to Travel to or Reside in the Country your Citizenship will be issued from.

When a crisis strikes a country, getting out can become very difficult depending on your passport, and without a valid visa, citizenship, or residency in the destination country, you might not even be allowed to exit the country.

For example: Venezuela
Very recently we’ve seen this become a reality for millions of Venezuelans; when the crisis broke out inflation went through the roof and grocery store shelves completely emptied, and many people tried to exit the country.

But with so much demand for visas, foreign embassies in the country began shutting their doors and rejecting any further applications.

Those who tried to make a move too late are now stuck, forced to endure the country’s economic and political mayhem.

If those people had an adequate second passport or a second residency, they could have watched the chaos happening on their televisions, rather than out of their bedroom window. Instead, they were not prepared, leaving them with no other option.

Your Passport belongs to your Government and thus can be rescinded at any time for a myriad of reasons.

For example: The Cases of Edward Snowden and Chelsea Elizabeth Manning
After leaking secret and confidential U.S. Government documents to the press, both Snowden and Manning became targets of the U.S. Government and the first thing they did was cancel their passports and given that this was their only passport, this meant that they could not legally travel anywhere.

Snowden was then left stranded in the International Transit area at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport for over a month until Russia granted him Asylum. If Mr. Snowden was a dual passport holder before stepping into the limelight, he would likely not be in this predicament, as he could have used his 2nd passport to continue traveling.

This is not a unique case and has happened before all over the world.

In fact, on December 30, 2015, the U.S. government passed H.R. 22 (The FAST Act), which authorizes them to revoke your passport if they believe at their sole discretion that you owe $50,000 or more in taxes.

It’s important to note that they don’t have to prove any wrongdoing, the US Government can make a simple allegation and it could be just a clerical error and your passport is canceled. If you have only one passport, then a single Government holds total control over your right to travel and therefore where you can live.

Putting this much trust into any single entity is foolish. One thing that has proven over and over is a Government's desire and ability to abuse its power over its citizens. Having only one passport is simply not a good idea because who is to say that these powers couldn’t be taken further to restrict travel for people who hold Anti-Government views?

Certain nationalities have more enemies than others.
For example: America’s world politics have made U.S. citizens very unpopular around the world to the point that they have become targets for terrorism and harassment. You can avoid this by having a second passport to move through borders freely with our anonymous travel program.

To protect yourself from Future Laws and Regulations regarding Crypto Currency, you can take advantage of your second citizenship or residency by moving abroad and significantly reducing your tax burden.

For example: U.S. citizens who establish residency abroad can take advantage of the “Foreign Earned Income Exclusion” provision which can allow you to write off at least $100,000 of income, tax-free.

If you are an American citizen, then you have undoubtedly already noticed that your international options are significantly reduced. The U.S. Government's extra-territorial FATCA legislation has effectively extended the U.S. reporting requirements beyond the US. borders.

As a result, many institutions and people do not want to do business (including setting up bank accounts) with the U.S. and Chinese citizens, thus a second passport can help expand the options available to both U.S. and Chinese citizens.

Depending on the country, citizens may or may not have a lot of latitude in terms of where they can go without several restrictions imposed by their "native" citizenship.

The US. citizens for example need to apply for visas to go to several countries, including Russia, China, and Brazil, which can be time-consuming and costly. Obtaining an Italian passport, for example, gives you visa-free (even potentially passport-free) travel throughout all of the European Union, as well as the right to live and work there.

For example, acquiring a Mexican passport gives you visa-free access to over 159 countries including South and Central America, Europe, Asia, Canada, and even Russia.

Being a dual passport holder means you will have the option of renouncing your current citizenship.

It’s a radical step to even think about for most people, but having multiple citizenships means that you’ll always have the option of knowing that you can say “no” to an oppressive government, that is real freedom.

A second passport can give you protection from future laws and regulations regarding Crypto Currency. Depending on the country of your new citizenship you may even get other benefits.

For example: Mexico and Russia do not extradite their citizens (under most circumstances). Additionally, your unborn children would also receive your second citizenship, which is one of the most beneficial things you could ever do for them.

When one acquires a second passport they in essence take on a new persona which includes a new Legend or life story that gives your new identity a degree of credibility as to who you are and is thus very helpful in that it gives you a back story to tell someone about yourself and where you came from.

Sometimes, you have a long time to establish and memorize your Legend, but other times you only have a few hours or days too. For instance, there are times I would travel in an alias, and I would be using alias documents that I had not seen or used in over a year. I would have a few hours to look at the alias documents containing my new name, birth date, my mother’s maiden name, and birth date, etc. then try to commit them all to memory in a very short period. Amicus International Consulting will take care of this by custom tailoring a "legend" that closely mirrors your own, committing it to memory can easily be achieved in a very short period of time.

It doesn’t automatically explain your new identity, but it does provide your new identity with enough credibility so that there can be no traceable link between the new identity and your "old" identity.

If you forget your cover, then the best-case scenario is you just fumble along but there will be some degree of embarrassment; conversely, a worst-case scenario is that you expose yourself as a fraud or a potential fugitive.

It is extremely vital when you have a legend that you spend time, not only committing the details to memory (such as the names and the dates and any details that might trip you up in a border crossing) but most importantly that you have enough of a back story so that should you have to meet with someone under your cover or alias identity, you will have the background story necessary to substantiate your new identity.

Particularly, if you have a legend that involves you being born somewhere where you have never been, you will want your story to suggest that you moved from there when you were only a few months old. So if you meet someone else from that area you can explain why you do not know anything about the place or why they do not know who you are.

The government delivered its first blow to the crypto market on the same day Bitcoin reached an all-time high above $11,000. A federal judge in San Francisco ordered Coinbase, a famous Bitcoin exchange, to supply the IRS with information on over 14,000 account holders. Don’t let this happen to you, secure yourself a second "legal" identity and crypto ID to protect your cryptocurrency from Government controls.

A banking passport provides you with much-needed anonymity and protection in the age of stricter security and financial restrictions regarding bank accounts. Having a second passport to conduct your offshore banking with is a great advantage in keeping your assets fluid and Hidden.

A camouflage passport is a document, designed to look like a real passport, issued in the name of a non-existent country or entity. A camouflage passport is not a real, valid passport and is to be distinguished from a valid second passport, which an individual with dual citizenship may be eligible to hold.

Camouflage passports are generally produced in the name of countries that no longer exist or have changed their name, often these are former colonies that changed their name upon independence.

Others use the names of places or political subdivisions that exist within a real country, but that has never issued or cannot issue passports. For instance, the British Hebrides which are islands off the west coast of Scotland that have never been separately independent. Usually, the names chosen have a plausible or familiar ring to them.

A passport is an official document issued by a government certifying the holder’s identity and citizenship. It also entitles them to travel under its protection to and from foreign countries, when people talk about a 2nd passport they mean second citizenship because the passport is just a document issued as one of the benefits of having citizenship in a country. With our Remote Application Services, you can apply fully remotely with no need to Travel to or Reside in the Country your Citizenship will be issued from.

Having citizenship or being a citizen is the status of being a member of a state which gives a person certain rights and obligations. As mentioned earlier one benefit of having a country’s citizenship is that it is possible to apply for a passport. Many countries allow their citizens to have dual citizenship, but some countries such as Singapore and Germany do not and require people who acquire their citizenship to renounce their previous citizenship.

Permanent residency is a visa status that allows a person to reside indefinitely within a country of which he or she is not a citizen, often a permanent residency can even lead to second citizenship and passport through naturalization later down the line.

Let’s Be Clear

We DO NOT SELL PASSPORTS. We merely act as a Referral/Vetting agent for Goverments only and not the source. The source is an association of International Lawyers who provide the most private and up to date services for Second Citizenships available. They have been involved with second citizenship consulting for the last 57 years with complete confidentiality guaranteed by “Attorney Client Privilege”.

Amicus International Consulting Will Solve Your Second Passport Problem for You!


Creating a new identity has its fair share of difficulties but with the help of Amicus International Consulting, that challenge will be met. We will take care of all your new identity and 2nd passport needs. Our process is fast, remote, and secure.


Your new identity will come with a detailed legend/ life story and history together with complete legal
supporting documents. All you need to do is familiarize yourself with your new life story and you are good to go. Your original identity will become just a distant memory with a new and legal second passport.


For obvious reasons, we cannot reveal our previous clients to protect their anonymity, safety, and security. Amicus International Consulting greatly values anonymity. We provide the new identity and second passport you need without revealing your name.

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