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A PR crisis occurs when an individual, organization, or business faces or receives negative and damaging publicity. Amicus International Consulting will lead your crisis PR management, studying the situation, identifying the probable risks, and making an action plan. Contact us, and let us handle your PR crisis.

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crisis PR management

Study, identify, and plan appropriately for effective Crisis PR Management strategy.

Take control of your PR crisis with the guidance of our experienced crisis PR management team at Amicus International Consulting. Avoid career-ending mistakes by allowing us to analyze your situation, assess risks, and develop a strategic plan to navigate you through the crisis. We stand by your side, extinguishing any potential threats to safeguard your reputation, organization, and business interests. Contact us now to entrust us with managing your PR crisis effectively.

Why Choose Amicus International Consulting?

We handle PR crisis management for international companies, businesses, and individuals. You need the right resources, knowledge, and experience to be able to identify the best possible plan to save your image, business, and organization. If you are not familiar with PR management, you can do more harm than good. However, if you work with Amicus International Consulting, we will lead your crisis PR management towards a more favorable outcome. Our team is experienced in PR crisis management and works to improve your public image and mitigate damaging articles or information from publishing. Contact us today and get a FREE case evaluation!

Steps on How an Effective Crisis PR Management Process Works

For an effective and successful crisis PR management process, you need to create a plan of action before, during, and after the PR crisis.

  1. Identify and study the problem. Always think about how this incident will affect your image, business, and/or organization
  2. Address and react quickly to minimize the damage and control the narrative of the situation.
  3. Assess and evaluate the situation. Have an objective point of view for the best results.
  4. Start sending a message. The customer service and/or social media team will be the ones to send the message out.
  5. Create a plan of action. Figure out a strategic plan to mitigate damage and implement the plan.
  6. Get in contact with public figures and influencers. They can endorse you, your business, and/or your organization after the PR crisis is handled.
  7. Analysis. Review what went right and wrong, then learn from them for the next plan.

FAQ for crisis PR management

The crisis PR management team is the one responsible for understanding the situation, creating an action plan, and helping you, your business, and/or your organization overcome this obstacle. An effective PR management team should have enough experience and knowledge in handling a PR crisis effectively and decrease the negative impact on your reputation, business, and/or organization. Remember, any negative information can threaten your standing and status in the public eye, stakeholders, and clients.

If you have an experienced PR management team in place, you can overcome this PR crisis and avoid another one in the future.

We have a saying that prevention is the best step to avoiding a PR crisis. By anticipating a PR crisis before it hits, we can prepare, plan, and perform most effectively with less to no damage to your reputation.

  1. Assemble a PR crisis team. They will be monitoring any possible PR crisis coming your way.
  2. Prepare a PR crisis plan.
  3. Practice executing the PR crisis plan. Create mock scenarios to help improve the crisis PR management team handles the possible problems.
  4. Create an escalation strategy (social media).
  5. Consider all possible outcomes and expect the worst-case scenario.
  6. Check your insurance coverage.
  7. Show goodwill.
  8. Ingrain a consistent message in all your social media accounts and networks. When a crisis happens, you can respond quickly if you have a strategic strategy in place.

A PR crisis is a situation when you, your company, and/or your organization lose the trust and support of the public. It also affects the legitimacy of your business/es, brand/s, and image. In a PR crisis, you need to have an effective and appropriate crisis PR management team to help you comprehend, control, counter, and conserve.

  • Comprehend: Understand the situation and identify the effects.
  • Control: Damage control is very important in any PR crisis.
  • Counter: You need to create a counteraction to help preserve your reputation and help your case.
  • Conserve Save your reputation, business, and/or organization.

Yes, you can do your own crisis PR management. However, if you do not have any experiences and resources to help your situation, it will have little to no visible effect. Especially if you do not know what you are doing.

Handling a PR crisis takes time, knowledge, experience, resources, and influence. Here at Amicus International Consulting, we have all these and more! We have PR specialists that can help you understand your situation better, offer options, and provide results that are beneficial to yourself, your company, and/or your organization. Contact Amicus today and let us identify the problem and create a PR crisis plan before it even happens.

Yes, a mishandled PR crisis can lead to a complete company or business shutdown. You need to keep in mind that public trust is very important for any business to flourish. If the public and your customers' support drops, it can lead to a huge financial loss and the closing of the company.

Today, the internet and social media can greatly affect the image and reputation of a company. In just a matter of minutes, your company can go bankrupt just because of negative or false information.

If you do not have an effective crisis PR management team in place, we highly recommend contacting Amicus International Consulting today and we can help you prepare for the worst-case scenario.

Businesses of all sizes need an effective crisis PR management program. Whether you have a small mom-and-pop shop or a large corporation, you need to have a crisis PR management plan in place to protect your investment, people, and yourself.

There is no such thing as a "one-size-fits-all" PR crisis strategy. Each plan should be tailored according to the requirements and situation of each company. Larger corporations would often have a more comprehensive PR crisis strategy that includes several different action plans, resources, people in their team, and even influencers to help improve their image. On the other hand, a smaller company might have a single person in its crisis PR management team.

Each crisis PR management plan differs depending on the company's situation and circumstances. But every plan should have the following:

  • Delegate Roles and Responsibilities: Appoint the roles of each member. This will make the execution of the plan easier and quicker. People will panic less if they know what they are going to do before the PR crisis hits.
  • Communication: Your plan should include how the company's team will communicate effectively with each other and the outsourced crisis PR management team (if any).
  • Inclusion: Consider the entire community, stakeholders, influencers, clients, customers, employees, and your audiences when making a PR crisis management plan.
  • Stick To Your Company's Values The message you send should reflect your company's core values and stand.

The first thing you need to do when a journalist contacts you during a crisis PR management situation is to be calm and take the call. Greet them respectfully and speak in a neutral tone. Then, find out the following information:

  • Who they are
  • Which publication or network they are working for
  • Why are they calling you
  • What do they need from you

When all the needed information is provided, let them know that you are very happy and willing to cooperate with them but you need some time. Ask for their contact details and if they have any deadlines. If you don't know how to answer, call Amicus at (604) 200 - 5402 and we will handle the situation for you. And remember, never say "no comment"!

Nobody has all the answers during a crisis PR management. We also can't predict the future.

A crisis PR communication strategy doesn't guarantee that everything will go well from start to finish. However, it does provide a means of navigating the uncertainties of a PR crisis.

The PR crisis plan outlines how a company should respond during a PR crisis. Without a crisis PR management plan in place, companies will struggle to figure out what to do, how to act, and what to say. Companies and/or organizations should prevent any PR crisis in the future, by having a PR crisis plan ahead, they will know who to respond to and protect their image, company, and/or organization.

Contact Amicus International Consulting as soon as a crisis scenario arises that has the potential to attract the public's attention to harm your reputation, company, and/or organization's image. As the business owner, you can see what the outsiders can't see. If you notice something wrong has happened and you need to protect your business and image, call Amicus immediately and we will have a crisis PR management strategy in place.

When journalists start calling you asking about something negative. Also, if your social media accounts start getting negative criticism. Both situations are a HUGE sign you need to have a crisis PR management team and start planning, at once. Contact Amicus for a free case evaluation to prepare, prevent, and mitigate any crises.

Get Your Crisis PR Management Plan in Place Before You Need It With Amicus


A PR crisis is when any negative event or review related to your business and your reputation gains attraction in the public sphere. These negative situations can lead your business to shut down and lose your credibility with your clients, customers, stakeholders, and employees. Having an effective crisis PR management plan in place before a PR crisis actually happens, can be your saving grace in these kinds of situations. Amicus International Consulting has all the experience, resources, information, influence, and knowledge to help you before, during, and after a PR crisis.


Proper handling of a PR crisis is important because it can taint your personal or professional image in the minds of the public. Another important thing to keep in mind in a crisis PR management is that you can’t control the outcome of a PR crisis. While there are some strategies you can implement to mitigate damage, once the information is out there, you need a specific plan in place to combat the negative, press, blogs, and articles. Here at Amicus International Consulting, we will help handle these kinds of situations to increase your chances of getting out of a PR crisis.


If you or your company are caught in a PR crisis, it puts the trust of the people around you in jeopardy. It might look like a simple matter at first, but a mishandled PR crisis can become a major issue that can lead to losing your reputation and the shutdown of your company. If you have a crisis PR management plan ahead, it can shield you from all the blows and problems during a PR storm. Here at Amicus International Consulting, we will help you create a crisis PR management plan before any PR crisis comes your way. We also provide other services such as rebuilding your reputation, providing a new identity, creating a second passport, and anonymous living.

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