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Navigating the process of creating a new legal identity and starting fresh can be daunting. At Amicus International Consulting, we specialize in making this journey easy, convenient, and secure for you. Reach out to us for a complimentary case evaluation today.

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At Amicus, we specialize in creating legally sanctioned alternate identities tailored to your needs.

People have their own reasons why they need to get a new identity. Whether you need it for traveling to other countries while starting over, avoiding difficult situations, or using it as your crypto ID, Amicus International Consulting has you covered!

Getting a new identity in a legal and secured way is a complicated process. Here at Amicus, you can get a NEW and LEGAL identity with a complete backstory/ “legend” to support your new identity complete with a birth certificate, driver’s license, second passport, national identity card, credit cards, medical card, and even social security or insurance number. We will provide all the needed documents to back up your new identity. Contact us today for a free consultation for your new identity.

Why choose Amicus International Consulting?

Amicus International Consulting specializes in creating new legal identities and second passports. In addition to these services, we also offer secure, legal, and confidential options such as anonymous living, anonymous travel, PR crisis management, treaty transfers, and social rebranding. With a combined experience of over 107+ years, our 100% success rate speaks for itself.

Learn how to obtain a new legal identity through Amicus International Consulting.

Getting a new identity is a difficult and complex process. But you don’t have to do it alone. Amicus International Consulting is here to help you get a full new identity, so you can start a new life.


Contact Amicus International Consulting to provide detailed information about your inquiry in order to initiate the process of acquiring a new legal identity.


Our team at Amicus will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your new identity, followed by a clear outline of the associated costs and procedures.


Let Amicus guide you through the application process and craft a captivating “Legend”/life story. Rest assured, you won’t have to travel to the country you seek a new identity in. Our 100% remote services make the process seamless and hassle-free for you.


Prepare to discover your new identity with Amicus. Once your “Legend”/life story and documents are in place, embrace life on your terms with confidence and clarity.

Frequently Asked Questions about Obtaining a New Identity: Learn more about the process of acquiring a new identity through Amicus International Consulting.

The common reasons why many people choose to get a new identity differs from person to person. Here are a few:

  • Harassment and abuse: Many people want to get out of their abusive relationships and getting a new identity will be helpful and start somewhere else, far from their abuser.
  • Identity theft: This is one of the fastest-growing crimes anywhere in the world. Hence, many people become prey and have a hard time getting back on their feet.
  • Entering a witness protection program: The new identity is provided by the government.
  • Escaping a gang: There is a saying that once you join a gang, you can't leave. But if you have a new identity, you can start a new life.

Technically, you can change the name you will be using for your new identity. However, there might be restrictions that our legal advisor will provide a solution. This is to ensure that you will not encounter any problems in the future. However, if you are changing your name because you committed a crime or want to avoid any debt liability, there is a high chance that your request for changing your name and getting a new identity will be declined. Also, if your goal is to mislead and confuse other people with your chosen name, your request might be declined. It is best to work with an experienced service provider to ensure the name you choose for your new identity is valid.

The people you notify when your new identity and name are established will depend on your reason and circumstances. If the reason you changed your name is to avoid your abuser or leave your previous life, it is best to tell no one of your new identity. If you are unsure who you can trust, it is always best to talk to your lawyer or a new identity provider such as Amicus.

Technically speaking, faking your own death is not illegal. However, to fake your death and make it seem realistic, you will need to break many laws and regulations. To make it short, you will drown yourself in fraud which is not a good thing, especially if you got caught.

Contact Amicus International Consulting today and let's talk about your situation. We can provide legal options to help you get your new identity without drowning yourself in fraud and other legal problems in the future.

Yes, you can use your new identity for your new crypto ID. The reason why many cryptocurrency traders use their second identity is to remain anonymous, most especially for those traders who are becoming more successful in cryptocurrency trading.

In the past, cryptocurrency traders found it hard to track the real identity of the traders. However, because of the advancement in technology, the FBI can not trace the real identities of the traders. To make sure your identity stays hidden, it is best to get a new crypto identity to use when you buy and sell cryptocurrency such as Bitcoins.

The main reason why many cryptocurrency traders get a new identity to use for their crypto ID is to avoid paying taxes.

In addition, your new identity can protect you and your loved ones from any theft and malicious intent. Remember, many people are watching and trading in cryptocurrency. However, not all people present have good intentions and some might even be there to steal your hard-earned cryptocurrency and money. If you use your real identity and people with malicious intent know this, it can put you and your loved ones in danger.

No, not all methods of getting a new identity are legal. Some will get you arrested and face numerous charges. Here are a few methods that can get you arrested:

  • Taking over other dead people's identities.
  • Using fake IDs.
  • Applying for a delayed birth certificate.

In order to avoid any charges when you change your identity, it is safer for you to work with an experienced company such as Amicus International Consulting with years of experience in the field. By working with us, you can be sure the new identity you get is safe, secured, and legal with a real backstory to help you out.

No! To be honest, it can even make your life more complicated. It will depend mostly on the reason why you need a new identity. If you are getting a second identity because you need to avoid your abuser, you can see this as a gift and less complicated.

When you get a new identity, you still have the same financial and legal obligations as you used to. You will have a new security service number, credit cards, bank accounts, etc.

To avoid getting caught using your new identity, you need to:

  1. Prepare: Remember, you will start from scratch. Prepare all the documents, information, bank accounts, and credit cards you will need in this transition. Make sure you have a realistic backstory in place.
  2. Practice: Break from your habit and practice introducing yourself using your new name and credentials.
  3. Adopt: It is also safer for you if you adopt new habits, fashion preferences, and mannerisms.
  4. Move: Go to a place away from your previous life, this includes family, friends, and acquaintances.
  5. Lay Low: Keep a low profile and refrain from standing out. This is really important if you are trying to get away from your abuser.

If you are talking about disappearing like those you see in movies and television, we highly recommend against it. That is an illegal way of disappearing and can lead to numerous problems in the future. Amicus International Consulting emphasizes the importance of legally disappearing. To successfully use your new name when you get a new identity you need to do the following:

  • Do not use any IDs, social media, or information from your previous life.
  • Do not contact people from your previous life.
  • Do not use your credit cards especially if it is linked to your previous identity.

Secure your new legal identity professionally, safely, and legally with Amicus.


To get a new identity is very complicated. Just because you want one doesn’t mean you can get one easily. However, if you work with Amicus International Consulting, we will help you get a new identity easier and more conveniently. We will get you in contact with the most experienced lawyers all over the world to help you get the second identity you need. Let us know of your personal circumstances and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


To get a new identity should be backed with a realistic and detailed backstory/ “legendâ€. Here at Amicus International Consulting, we provide the life story you need to back your new identity. We will prepare your life story with all the needed documents, information, and accounts. All you need to do is familiarize yourself with the story and start practicing. Old habits might be hard to break but if you practice and know every piece of information by heart, you can become your new identity.


At Amicus International Consulting, we value security, safety, and anonymity. Because of this, we cannot and will not divulge any information about our previous clients who have used our new identity service. We also offer other services such as second passports, anonymous travels, and even help rebuild your business and your reputation. Contact us today and fill out our information form. Make sure to include as much detail as you can to help us provide options based on what your case needs.


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