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If you are interested in making a fresh start, purchasing a new identity can assist you in regaining command of your life.

Discovering and purchasing the appropriate identity can assist you in overcoming your past to build a new life for yourself.

This is true regardless of whether you are attempting to flee from an ex-spouse, escape debt, or hide from the law. Here are some pointers on where you can buy a new identity so that you don’t wind up with any consequences besides legal ones.

Why should I purchase a new identity?

People you interact with regularly, such as the barista who serves you coffee and the bus driver who transports your children to and from school, might be concealing their true identities. Now, all of this might appear to be wholly implausible and be something that only happens in movies. However, beginning a new life with a new identity has a unique home relatively uncomplicated in recent years.

In light of the current circumstances, most people are attempting to assume new identities to evade the law. However, some people are fleeing their countries because of political or economic persecution, as well as other dangers that threaten their very existence. The assumption that there is no legal way around changing your identity is the common thread that runs through all of these statements. Or, if there is, it is not something that is done in secret.

A growing number of new identity service providers are now giving their customers access to these documents. It is possible to make changes to almost anything, including the following:

  • Licenses to operate a motor vehicle
  • Passports
  • Official records of birth
  • Accounts at banks
  • Certificates of educational completion

You could be under the impression that the cost of these services is extremely high. You couldn’t be more wrong in your assessment of the situation! A reasonable fee will get you started on the path that leads to your new life. And you won’t turn around again in your life!

The papers that are needed to establish a new identity

The process of changing your identity must be legal. It must cover every aspect of your life, including a proof-positive history of your identity and your educational and financial records.

Documents Proving One’s Identity


The cost of obtaining a passport varies and can be affected by the options you select. New identity providers will typically offer either a genuine visa that can be verified and registered or a fake passport to their customers. These days, actual tickets can cost significantly more than their counterfeit counterparts. The costs of European passports can vary widely depending on the same factors described above.

Identification and Social Security Cards

Only having a passport will allow you to enter a country. However, a person seeking a new identity must first provide proof of their residency to become a citizen. A general form of identification is a driver’s license, but each nation has specific identification procedures. Therefore, a person looking to establish a new identity needs both general and particular identifiers.

Certificate of birth status

Your birth certificate’s information must be consistent with who you are to support the claim that you were born in the United States. When applying for services provided by the government, having a birth certificate is required, just as it is for genuine citizens.

Documents Relating to Education and Professions

You can also obtain a completely different educational and professional background. Begin again with the help of these documents. You can use them to create a unique history to help you land a job. In the end, you can blend in with any community and create plausible deniability for yourself. Within the scope of this category, you may obtain a new high school diploma, degree from an accredited university, or master’s degree. You can also fix poor grades.

Financial documents

This service is something that any new identity service provider can provide. You can open new bank accounts, obtain new credit cards, obtain recent bank statements, and even obtain a new credit score at this location. Some service providers even advertise the ability to improve poor credit ratings and provide cash injections.

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The Methods Involved in Acquiring a New Identity

In the past, it was simple to assume a new identity by using the details of a person who had passed away. But with the rise of identity theft and fraud in today’s society, things have gotten much more complicated. As governments continue their efforts to restrict new identity businesses, the problem will only continue to worsen. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you obtain a new identity through a reputable new identity service provider.

You could submit a request to the government to have your identity changed. But this is not typically simple. In addition, the delivery of your identity documentation could take several months longer than expected. If you want to start a new life off the grid, you should be aware that these activities might not be illegal.

For this reason, it is suggested that you look for a private new identity vendor. Some people have worked in the field for such a long time that they have amassed the necessary knowledge and expertise to perform an outstanding job. In addition to this, you are free to use your new identity wherever you go in the world.

Cover and Legend

A Cover and a Legend are the two elements necessary for protecting one’s anonymity over an extended period. “Cover” refers to an alias, and “Legend” refers to the history behind the handle and the evidence supporting it. The “Legend” that you concoct is the backstory that lends credibility to your new Cover/alias that you’ve created. You should know your country’s current events and political climate, even if your Legend is from another country.

If someone asks you about the school you went to in the town you’re pretending to be from, you risk being discovered. In addition, you should be able to imitate your Legend’s accent if they speak with one. However, it would help if you didn’t go to the extent of creating suspicion. You can get started by studying the pronunciation of popular dishes and cities used by native speakers of the language. This should be handy for you if you speak with a local accent.

People often say that true stories make the best stories. Therefore, whenever you can, incorporate elements of truth into your legend. It would help if you weren’t afraid to use the experiences you’ve had in your life to build your code.

Keep in mind the fundamental aspects of your new identity at all times. You shouldn’t have any trouble obtaining them. These details may include your date of birth, place of residence, address, information regarding your preferred foods and beverages, and so on.

Get a fresh start with a new identity

It is possible to purchase a new identity online in simple steps. Fill in a personal details form. To begin, you will need to research to find a company that specializes in providing genuine new identities. Most of them can be located in the phone book or on the internet. But before you decide which business to work with, you should do some research first.

Explore their websites, note their services and prices, and assess the quality of the overall experience they provide. Do the services that they provide instill confidence in their customers? You should talk to them about their services if that’s the case.

Most businesses participating in this trade will ask for an explanation of the circumstances that led to your need for a new identity. They will be able to determine the level of assistance that you require in this manner. The first thing that you will need to do is fill out an online form with all of your personal information and the service that you require.

The identity company will decide whether or not to work with you after going through all of your initial information and analyzing it. If they choose to move forward with the process, they will guide the documents you need to establish your new identity and a price estimate for the service.

The processing of documents

Your new identity will be crafted by the new identity service provider you work with. They will assist you in developing a Cover and a Legend for your work. When you are starting a new life, both of these things are very helpful in terms of meeting new people. A legend is a backstory that you tell people to conceal your unique identity and prevent them from becoming suspicious.

You will get your documents, including your social security number, driver’s license, passport, bank accounts, and other identifying information. These are going to be helpful to you in your new life.

How to get the ball rolling on living your new life with your new identity

Figuring out how to live your life consistent with your new identity is the first step toward beginning a new life. This is typically the most challenging part of the entire process. It means, for most people, looking for work and locating a suitable home or apartment. Others are interested in relocating to new communities. In either case, you need seamless integration into the new community.

The good news is that you won’t need to be concerned about using burner phones or visa gift cards. You will have a new legal identity, making it much easier for you to live anywhere in the world. You have the option of settling down, looking for work, and making some money so that you can pay your bills and your taxes.

In what ways can I use my new identity without being discovered?

When using your new identity, be sure to take the following precautions to avoid being discovered by anyone:

Step 1

The key to success is preparation. Remember to begin everything from scratch as you embark on a new life. Gather all the necessary documentation, information, bank accounts, and credit cards so you can get ready for the move as quickly as possible. Prepare a history that can be believed and have it ready to go.

Step 2

Don’t forget to get some practice in. Alter your routine and make it a habit to introduce yourself using your new name and title as soon as possible.

Step 3

Adapt fast. Modifying your habits, clothes, and carrying yourself can help you stay safer. Experiment with new foods, hobbies, and characteristics that align with your new identity.

Step 4

You are going to have to relocate to a new location. Get away from everyone and everything that you are familiar with and love in your home country.

Step 5

It would help if you kept a low profile. This guideline should be evident to everyone. Keep a low profile and avoid attracting unnecessary attention to yourself. This is essential knowledge if you are trying to flee from an abusive partner.

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There are a lot of different motives that could lead someone to want to buy a new identity. They may start over after a toxic breakup or move to a new city in search of a clean slate. No matter the motivation, you should always strive to get the best value for the money you spend. In addition, you will require a genuine and legitimate form of identification that can be used anywhere in the world. These things will put you in a much better position to start a new life.