Getting a New Identity Without a Forged or Fake ID

by | Nov 22, 2022 | Anonymous Living, erase my identity, live anonymously, New Identity

Today, many people want to clear the slate and start over with a new identity.

They create a new identity using a fake ID, forgery, or stolen identity and name.

Developing and adopting a new identity is frequently the only way to escape the problems associated with their old identity.

Nobody can by themselves create a “new identity”; everything you see on TV or in movies is a work of fiction. It’s all completely pointless. It’s worse than useless because attempting to use such identity documents will get you caught almost immediately.

Shedding your old identity may be the only effective way to overcome past credit, employment, or other personal issues.

Unfortunately, changing one’s identity can be like tap dancing through a minefield in our modern computer age. One wrong move, and the entire thing explodes in your face!

Many new identity changers make the mistake of purchasing fake identification.

Though forged identification documents may appear authentic, they will never pass an online verification, making them of limited use in establishing a new identity. If you’re underage, a fake driver’s license will get you into a bar, but it won’t help you much.

Other inexperienced identity changers attempt to “borrow” a dead infant’s identity. Criminals have overused this tired old technique that it is now almost worthless.

Several government agencies have gone to the trouble of compiling dead infant databases, which include information on all infants buried in cemeteries across the country.

Also, cross-referencing official birth and death records will be completed soon, effectively ending this sad old approach.

A completely new approach is required.

A comprehensive system that can obtain an actual new identity under a completely different name. This one-of-a-kind service creates an entirely new identity with a new birth certificate, driver’s license, social security card, passport, and even major credit cards.

For the first time, you can receive complete identity-changing services, including detailed step-by-step instructions for obtaining genuine new legal identity documents. This is the only way to establish a verifiable legal identity and build a new life.

First, you must understand what buying or creating a new identity entails. You are no longer the same person because you have been registered in a database with another identity.

Please do not take this for granted and exercise caution when doing so.

You can buy a new, clean identity in various places, but it will be utterly useless because, at the same time, forgers can create flawless documents; they can only make some of the necessary matching records in government databases.

The “Old” approach.

You can buy a fake identity; some of the most convincing comes from illegal operations in Bangkok, Thailand. Furthermore, some shops in some countries will produce ID documents such as driver’s licenses or passports for multiple states and countries.

Even if a forged driver’s license, government ID, or passport is perfect in every way, the license or passport number will not be present in the database, or the picture on the document (of you) will not match the image stored in the database. Similarly, any biometric data.

All law enforcement and border control personnel have instant access to the databases via wired or wireless devices. When they check an ID, one of the first things they do is enter the ID type, place of issuance, and ID number into the computer.

Regardless of how good they are, Mismatches and other anomalies are easily detected as forgeries, and the person presenting the document will be detained. In contrast, the document is examined by a specialist.

The individual will be arrested and charged if it is determined to be a forgery.

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So, while you can buy an identity in a variety of places, it will be utterly useless because, at the same time, forgers can create flawless documents. Still, they can only make some necessary matching records in government databases.

There are simple and complex methods for accomplishing this.


  • Reduce your current contacts gradually.
  • Stop responding to letters, emails, and instant messages, and let your phone calls go to voicemail. Stop having visitors to your house.
  • Have your mail delivered to a PO box rather than your home.
  • Slowly sell the items you don’t want to take with you.
  • Make a plan to bring the things you want to keep with you, or find a storage locker and pay cash to store your items there.
  • If you own your home, put it in trust or have a property management company rent it and deposit the rental receipts into an online account.
  • Make a plan for where you will relocate. Choose a date. Choose a city where no one knows you and where you have never been before. Then, put the plan into action.
  • When you arrive at your new location, start calling yourself a different name. Most people will refer to you by whatever name you give them.

If you have no contact with your former life and are not being sought by law enforcement or concerned family members, you will fall off the radar.

Moderately challenging:

  • Terminate all contacts immediately.
  • Change your email addresses and stop using social media.
  • Stop having visitors and no longer answer the door when you are at home.
  • Make a detailed plan for where you will go once you leave your location.
  • Make a plan that includes a brief stay in another area before arriving at your final destination.
  • Sell everything you can’t take with you as soon as possible. Avoid using a storage locker.
  • Sell your home quickly or obtain a large mortgage against the equity (don’t worry about the loan rate because you have no intention of repaying the loan).
  • After depositing the equity check, withdraw the funds.
  • Hire an attorney to help you legally change your name.
  • All of your legal documents should be updated to reflect this name change. Use this new identity until you reach your intermediate destination and then discontinue its use when you arrive at your final destination.
  • Leave the neighbourhood where you currently reside.
  • Proceed to the intermediate location you have selected. Stay there for 3-6 months before relocating to your final destination.
  • Begin using a new name of your choice; no one will question you again, and those who do will discover that your legally changed name is your “true” name.

Again, unless law enforcement, an intelligence agency, or a major criminal organization actively seeks you, you will most likely vanish from public view. Your family may hire a private investigator, but this person is skilled at locating people who have made a concerted effort to disappear. Otherwise, they will be unlikely to find you.


  • Leave your current residence immediately.
  • If you must return to your home before leaving, take only the necessary items to survive. This includes loose cash, jewellery, weapons, and other quickly sold items.
  • Stop communicating with any friends or family members.
  • Travel to a nearby central metropolitan area, preferably in a different state.
  • Motels on US highways (avoid interstates) need to be better travelled. Most will accept cash for stays, and their rates will give you enough time to plan your next steps.
  • If you don’t already have one, buy a used laptop or tablet.
  • Go to a fast food restaurant or coffee shop with WiFi and look for a city where you can travel with the money you have. DO NOT USE THE WIFI AT THE MOTELS WHERE YOU STAY (the authorities may track you to this location and be able to access the sites you have visited)

Change your appearance slightly.

  • If your hair is short, allow it to grow. If you have facial hair, it should be cut.
  • If you’re wearing bright clothing, switch to drab.
  • Wear clothing that conceals your tattoos if you have many (which is becoming increasingly common).
  • Remove ALL jewelry and either pawn it or throw it away. (DO NOT DISTRIBUTE IT)
  • Find a low-cost motel on a highway and stay there for an extended period.
  • Locate an alternate city and carefully travel there. After removing your vehicle’s licence plates, abandon them at this location.
  • Follow the news in the area you’ve left closely on the Internet to see if your absence has become a news item; if not, plan on staying for at least three months.
  • During that time, start working at jobs that pay cash for daily work. These jobs are frequently unpleasant, and you may be taken advantage of, but they are necessary because they allow you to earn money and meet people who will direct you.

People who sell fake identification.

You must obtain a set of forged identification documents. Make sure that whatever you buy appears to be of high quality, and only haggle when not haggling seems suspicious.

Please don’t engage in lengthy discussions with the people from whom you obtain the ID; pay them, get it, and leave.

NOTE: Only carry one ID with you at all times. There will be no convincing reason why you have two different named IDs on you if you are stopped by law enforcement.

Choose a final destination and plan a trip there in 3 months or so. Make sure that nothing connects your intermediate location to your final one.

Use the fraudulent ID you obtained earlier to find work in your current area (it’s your only link, but if you’ve been careful, no one searching for you will think you’re using it elsewhere).

Plan on staying in your final destination for an extended period (travelling attracts attention) and ensure that no one from your previous life would consider looking for you there.

Get a low-paying job, find an older, less attractive (but mentally and emotionally stable) romantic partner, and start your new life.

Keep a low profile and, unless you’re unlucky, stay off the grid for an extended period.

There are many more things, but if the above steps are taken, most people who use them will remain unnoticed for extended periods, if not their entire lives.