How a New Identity can protect you

by | Feb 14, 2022 | Anonymous Living, Anonymous Travel, New Identity, Second Passport

The world is dangerous, but a new identity can make it safer.


We cannot eliminate risks to our well-being, but we can reduce them, and there is no better way to combat instability and risk than through investment in a new identity and citizenship.



Recent events in Ukraine have highlighted our vulnerability, reminding us that things can go wrong quickly.

Because of this uncertainty, many people are investing in contingency plans. A solid contingency plan is the best way to combat political and economic uncertainty and protect your family’s well-being and wealth. And there is no better safeguard than investing in citizenship.

Dominica Second Citizenship: More Than Global Mobility

Obtaining residency or citizenship with a New Identity through investment not only provides you with a second home and support from another country if things go wrong in your home country but also allows you to move quickly and decisively, as well as a way to protect your wealth.

Citizenship by investment perfectly aligns with Lebanon’s current crisis, providing an optimal solution at the eleventh hour.

Those confronted with the current challenges in the Middle Eastern country understand that things can get worse before they get better, and the domestic elite should learn from the mistakes of neighbouring countries.

As Iraq and Syria faced external and internal conflict, their citizens were stranded in uncharted territory in the country they once called home.

When disaster struck, those who had invested in citizenship by investment could move quickly and avoid becoming stranded in a war zone with no monetary relief. Those who had no choice but to confront the challenges had to navigate a minefield of political and economic turmoil.

High-net-worth individuals in Iraq and Syria have reacted reactively to their home countries’ crises, and they are now both considered majority nationalities in terms of citizenship by investment applications.

Iraqis, for example, account for 7% of all applications in Turkey despite being the first foreign nationality to buy real estate within Turkish borders, a business that can lead to Turkish nationality.

The Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda discloses the nationality breakdown of applicants for its citizenship-by-investment program, and unsurprisingly, Iraqis (5.3 percent) and Syrians (5.8 percent) account for approximately 11 percent of all applicants.

However, the Lebanese elite appears to be proactive. They account for 5.8 percent of all candidates for the Mexican citizenship program and quickly put emergency plans in place.

Afghanistan’s government was deposed in days; Syria’s civil war raged for months before it began in earnest, and Russia invaded Ukraine without any warning. You never know when or how uncertainty will strike, but you must always be prepared.

The ease with which investors can now obtain citizenship through investment is a significant consideration.

Saint Kitts and Nevis requested a contribution of $550,000 for a single applicant during the Iraq invasion or the start of the Syrian war; it is now $450,000 for a single applicant. Moreover, the Caribbean country’s limited-time offer, which runs until the end of the year, allows a family of four to obtain St. Kittitian citizenship for US$650,000.

Even at the height of the Syrian civil war, Antigua and Barbuda required a $600,000 donation for a single person or an $800,000 property investment for citizenship by investment applications. Currently, prices for both options are half that amount.

Earning citizenship through investment has become a quick process that can change a person’s life in 18 months. It’s also become highly profitable, with some programs offering options for less than the price of a luxury car, so it makes perfect sense for someone to invest in it as a backup plan as soon as possible.

Why are wealthy Nigerians investing in second citizenship and New Identity?

Having a second passport allows its holder to travel visa-free to a variety of destinations. It also allows the holder to open bank accounts in the second country to ensure that their wealth is preserved if their country of origin’s banking system fails, which usually occurs when political unrest occurs.

A second passport can be valid, and so can residency in another country. Portugal Consider Golden Visa, a residence-by-investment program that grants holders a European residence card in exchange for a real estate investment.

By 2022, properties in Lisbon and Porto, the country’s two largest cities, are expected to be ineligible for the golden visa. This change, however, will not worry Lebanese investors because the time to invest in a backup plan is now, not in a year.

Lebanon is in much better shape than Syria or Iraq, but it does not provide the wealthy with the life they had envisioned for themselves and their families. It is hoped that things will improve, and if they do, citizenship by investment programs will be a profitable business.

If they don’t, citizenship by investment is the best emergency asset anyone can have. It is the ideal solution for the eleventh hour and the best complement to smooth navigation.