How do you adjust to life with a new identity

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How do you adjust your life with a new identity, the challenges you face, and how do you communicate with loved ones/friends without revealing your true identity?

What do you do for a living/how do you deal with government paperwork with a new identity?

Here are some responses and remarks from folks who have been living with a new identity for many years.

Burton K.

“Unfortunately, if one chooses this route, they will never be able to contact anyone from their previous existence.”In most cases, witness protection is used to construct a whole new identity, offering all the essential paperwork. It would be considerably riskier to touch your old life if you wanted to go the other way and disappear and build an identity. The simplest option, in my opinion, is to create an identity in another nation and then immigrate. Assuming your fingerprints aren’t in the database, it should be simple. I’ve heard that the French Foreign Legion will take on a new identity. Alternatively, specific countries, such as Belize, will offer you a new identity and citizenship for as little as $150,000. However, none provide a new identity, only a passport.”

Jenny V.

“I’m in the address confidentiality program because I was a vital witness to a terrible crime a few years ago.”I decided against changing my name or assuming a new identity because it wasn’t essential. I had children who did not live with me, and I was not about to abandon them. You cannot return to any family or friend from your old life or that scenario because a complete identity change would jeopardize your life. I had a case worker who assisted me in filling out all the papers necessary to enroll in this program. You must sign several waivers and adhere to numerous rules. There is a phone number I can call for help if I need it, and I have an ID card.

If you reveal your new identity, they may be less willing to provide you with further protection. This is a difficult situation, and you must not act this way. You’ll be regarded as a self-eliminating moron if you don’t comprehend that section. My current location and address are both confidential. You’d have to seek a court order to find out where I genuinely live. A federal law that applies to all states protects me.

New I.D

My new identity documents all use the state’s Tallahassee street and PO Box addresses. All of my mail is delivered to a state-provided Post Office Box address or a legal, physical street address (that doesn’t exist) and then sent to me in a plain manila envelope, regardless of where I live. Every time I relocate, I must notify ACP personnel in writing, and they must speak with me in person to verify before making any adjustments. I utilize the state-provided actual street address for things like my driver’s license and voter registration since certain businesses won’t accept a PO Box as a legal address. Because this fictitious address does not exist, some computer software programs go wild. I usually get around it by making phone calls and filling out more paperwork.


Many people I work with in business and government have never faced a scenario like this before, but they are always helpful and cooperative because they must. They usually figure it out once they meet with their supervisor. I have an ID card that shows cops, employers, and other businesses I do not live in at the address listed on my identification documents. My Address Confidentially Program ID Card confirms my credentials, lists the federal laws that protect me, and includes a phone number they can call with any queries. Because of my circumstances, I am unable to do some things. I’m unable to use the confidential address program to receive packages. I have to have items delivered to alternate addresses using my new identity, so I do not receive junk mail. All of this is sorted out by the state and thrown away.

New Address

In terms of my work, I am self-employed and mainly undertake freelance or contract work. I run both a brick-and-mortar and a mobile business. If someone meddled with me, I could use my Address Confidentiality Program Credentials to get out of my lease. Refusing to recruit or fire an employee because they were a victim or witness to a crime is considered discrimination. That’s difficult to verify and often overlooked, but it’s happened to me. Because of my situation, two employers have let me go. When the incident occurred, I was working in a retail business. The shop didn’t want to jeopardize the safety of their other employees, especially when the suspect came to the store where I worked seeking me. I had to duck and run to dodge them, and the Store took it quite seriously. When the other company found out, they just let me go.

To avoid this problem in the future, I now share the information upfront. Since 2011, I’ve been living this way with a new identity. If you’re in a scenario where you might be a victim of a crime, I recommend doing some research to protect yourself. The same program covers many government employees and law enforcement officers as I am.”

Arthur S.

“It’s been quite challenging to adjust to a new persona and new identity. One of the most challenging difficulties appears to be the most straightforward, but it is not. Responding to a new name is manageable, but not responding to my word for decades is tricky. Contacting anyone from my past, including relatives and friends, is a strict no-no. Touching base with them has the potential to detonate a chain reaction. The government has already established government papers and a new identity for me, so that is simple. Similarly, finding work was simple because references were provided. With everything I’ve been through and all the hurdles this new route has thrown me, I can honestly say I’d do it all over again.”

Mason D.

“The most difficult aspect of living with a new identity is never making contact with people from your past.”Making a living is the same as everyone else’s, but your new identity has sealed access to your old identity You’re a separate person with a new identity and no past.”

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