How to get a new identity and live anonymously

by | Jun 6, 2022 | Anonymous Living, Anonymous Travel, Fugitive, New Identity, Second Passport

So you’ve made the decision to vanish and abandon Government surveillance with a new identity.

In our always-connected world, it’s more difficult than ever, how to get a new identity and live anonymously.

Who hasn’t fantasized about starting over somewhere new, anonymous living, preferably with better weather and lower cost of living? How to get a new identity?

Whatever your motivation for wanting to vanish perhaps to get the law off your back—you can disappear and start afresh with a new identity somewhere else with enough diligence and planning, anonymous living is possible.

What to Do If You Don’t Want to Go Missing

In any severe disappearance, drama is the cardinal sin. You don’t successfully vanish by arranging a multi-state search, police dogs, and your hometown assuming you were mauled by a bear and carried off into the night. The importance of legally disappearing cannot be stressed enough.

For example, you should not attempt to get forged documents: False identification is a felony, and you have no way of knowing if the documents you’re holding are genuine. (What if your new SSN belongs to a criminal or a deceased person?

Guys, what if the passport you purchased is a disaster? You’re now confronting a customs officer?). Instead, you want to confuse your identities to the point where it’s so difficult to track you down that anyone short of a government task force won’t have the patience or resources to keep looking for you. Here’s how it might operate in practice.

Reduce the number of people with whom you have contact

Those who rapidly stuff their belongings into a bag and flee through the back door fail to vanish. Instead, prior to your successful absence, one of your most crucial tasks is to trim the fat off your social life. Stop using Facebook under the guise of spending too much time online (or any other excuse that people around you would accept instead of “I’m going to burn down my house and relocate to Belize”).

You want to keep your social impact as little as possible so that when you’re no longer there, no one notices or cares. People will notice if you disappear tomorrow as the most prominent member of the local social scene. It’s more crucial to reduce your virtual journey than it is to reduce your physical path.

An investigator can trawl through social media and search results in minutes. But it will take days to investigate on foot or by phone.


Communication with immediate relatives is the one social relationship that most people are unwilling to give up. You’ll want to talk to your parents or siblings even if your immediate family is the reason you’re disappearing. This is the most difficult type of communication, and almost everyone fails at it.

If you call your relatives from your new location and a skip tracer obtains the phone records, all of your planning will be for naught. If you want to contact your family or best friend after you’ve left the less acceptable individuals in your life, you’ll need to plan ahead of time.

Never contact them directly through any account associated with your new life or new address.  You use anonymous email accounts, prepaid phone cards, and telephones to contact anyone.

Cash Is King, Not Plastic

Get in the habit of giving up the comforts you used to have. ATM cards, Credit cards, convenience cards, loyalty cards, and even simple items like loyalty cards all have to be phased out. Everything should be paid in cash, nothing that connects your new life and ambitions to your previous existence.

Please refrain from borrowing or purchasing books about Chile from your local library. When flying out of the nation, avoid using a credit card or frequent flier miles. Everything you do should be reducing the number of connections between your old and new lives. Ask yourself, “Is this the least traceable approach I could use?”

Whenever you communicate with another person or company. Paying cash at an ancient coffee shop for a cup of coffee? Obscure. Paying for a cup of coffee with a credit card in front of four security cameras at an airport kiosk? This isn’t at all sneaky. It’s all about the cash.

Lies, Lies, Lies, and Lie some more

You must go to great length about disinformation and its role in the disappearance of people. Skip tracers aim for just enough information—too little and they won’t discover their victim; too much and they’ll waste their time and money seeking in the wrong areas. It is your intention to spread false information.

Slowly but steadily begin to falsify the information that companies have about you as you prepare to vanish. “Correct” your name’s spelling on the utility company’s records. Tell them that the social security number is incorrect and that it should be corrected immediately.

Change your bills’ mailing address to a phony mail drop you set up with a private mailing service. You don’t want folks searching in the wrong locations if they come looking for you. Disinformation, and forging false leads work so cunningly you’ll want to employ them, establish yourself firmly in a new location and begin anonymous living.

The Binding Glue, Incorporation

You might be nodding your head, thinking that the idea so far sounds great, except for one minor point. How are you going to develop a new identity in your new location if you can’t utilize anything other than cash? You’ll need a legal presence that isn’t related to your old identity if you want to live an anonymous life.

Many people deal with their affairs after they’ve vanished by forming a business to manage their assets. Your corporation can lease your apartment, pay your utility bills, and manage money while acting as a buffer between you and those looking for you.

150% committed

It’s challenging to vanish. You don’t merely fake your death, purchase some bogus papers from a person and then retire to live out your days. It requires meticulous planning to vanish and do so without causing yourself an even bigger headache than the one you’re fleeing.

You must be willing to cut ties with almost everyone you know and even give up your hobbies. Disappearing entails a chase game with those who want to find you. If you can’t accomplish that, you’ll squander time and money attempting but failing to vanish.

If you are serious about “disappearing” and starting a new life, then it’s time to contact Amicus International consulting and let us handle the details.