How to get a second passport with a felony

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How to get a second passport if you’ve been convicted of a felony

Is getting a second passport with a felony possible if you’ve committed a felony or have a criminal record?. If you have the money, a few countries will let you enter if you have white-collar crimes. Here’s how to receive a second passport with a felony.

To be clear, I’m referring to white-collar felonies rather than violent crimes, drug offenses, or gun offenses. White-collar crimes are the easiest to work with, such as small SEC or IRS charges from a few years ago. Keep in mind that a second passport comes with citizenship. You may utilize it to travel more freely. It could be used to relocate to the country, create a business, reside there, and otherwise integrate into the community. Most countries do not want to admit violent convicts because they will reflect poorly on their politicians and may threaten their citizenry.

Of course, I’ll assume you’re not on paper (no longer on probation). It’s pointless to apply for a second passport if you have a felony until you’ve paid off your debt. Additionally, asking for citizenship could be considered a criminal or a parole violation… It’s not a good idea to try it. Where Can You Get Second Citizenship If You’ve Been Convicted Of A Felony?

Let’s begin with the countries where you cannot get in. Any European country will not provide a second passport to someone who has committed a crime. Malta, Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Austria are no longer eligible. These are the hardest to reach an agreement with, and they will not accept a convicted felon. This rule does have one exception. In Bulgaria, I successfully used an exception. A clean FBI background report is required to apply for citizenship and a second passport. You can submit a clean background report if you can have your conviction expunged.

A federal conviction that results in prison time in the United States stays on your official Department of Justice criminal record for the rest of your life. See Felony Expungement for further information on how to have a conviction wiped. If you are from the United Kingdom, getting a clean report and applying for a second passport with a felony is easier. After a specific time has passed, the UK will erase many offices from your record. You can apply for a second passport from the UK once the offense has been “spent” (Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974).In the United States, we don’t have such a provision. Thus, a felony stays on your record indefinitely until you can get it erased.

Latin America is your best bet for obtaining a second passport. Look to Latin America if you can’t have your felony removed. Regarding background checks for residents, countries like El Salvador, Guatemala, and Ecuador are more lenient. As a result, you might begin with residency and work up to a passport over time. They are an excellent alternative for reconstructing your image if you wish to reside in Latin America; one of these countries might be your home base. After that, you can apply for citizenship and a second passport after five years. A ticket from Ecuador will only grant you visa-free travel to 81 countries, and a ticket from Guatemala will give you a visa-free journey to 116 countries. Still, they will assist you in starting the reconstruction process. Travel Documentation of High QualityYou might be shocked to learn that a Guatemalan passport is precious. It only allows visa-free travel to 116 countries but includes the entire Schengen Area of Europe. This means you can stay in Switzerland, France, Germany, and other European countries for up to 90 days.

You can apply for a better second/third passport once you obtain citizenship in one of these nations. Because some countries demand a background check from your “home” country, this is the case. Guatemala will be your home country for future applications once you hold a Guatemalan passport and have lived there for a few years. If you don’t want to wait that long and have $300,000 to spare, some of the Caribbean’s lesser-known countries may examine your application for citizenship as a felon. St. Lucia, Dominica, and other Caribbean islands will treat you fairly and evaluate your application on its merits. Whereas other countries dismiss offenders outright, certain countries will at least give it a go.

The period since the crime, your history since being released, how long you were incarcerated, and the offenses you were charged with are all taken into account while reviewing a second passport with a felony. We require the charging order, accompanying court documents, probation paperwork (if applicable), a description of your employment and life history, and as many reference letters from quality sources as possible to create a second passport application with a felony. If you do this, you’ll have a better chance of obtaining citizenship on one of the Caribbean islands. Final Thoughts

Finally, some Latin American governments provide residency or passports for money. These are particularly popular when a government agency needs to boost revenue quickly but can’t get an official program approved… or doesn’t want the attention that an official program would bring. Unofficial programs that I’ve seen typically cost $190,000 for a single applicant and take around two months to complete. The sum donated will vary depending on the country and the passport’s quality.

Starting over with a new identity, anonymous travel, and anonymous living is extremely difficult, make one small mistake in the process and you will fail. When your life and liberty are on the line, trust Amicus Intranational Consulting to deliver a safe, legal, and secure new identity.