New Identity change and mass Surveillance in 2024

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How a New Identity Change and Mass Surveillance in 2024


Ever since Edward Snowden leaked detailed documents about government surveillance, many people have wondered if it’s still possible to change their identities. The landscape of our lives has drastically changed over the past two years. We have transitioned from a society where privacy was cherished to one dominated by mass surveillance. Consequently, the need for new identity creation and identity protection has become more pressing.

The Era of Mass Surveillance

Firstly, some people change their identity or create a new one to protect their privacy. Virtually everything we do online is being tracked.

For instance:

  • Smartphones: Equipped with GPS, allowing government agencies to track our movements.
  • Digital Footprints: Our unique online activities can reveal details about our lives, work, and families.
  • Data Access: The system can access every message we send, every online purchase, and all social contacts.

Additionally, various countries have developed sophisticated surveillance systems to monitor their citizens. These systems are invasive and pose significant threats to individual privacy and freedom. Thus, the concept of safe disappearance and new identity creation becomes a viable solution for those seeking to evade such pervasive surveillance.

Surveillance in the United States

Moreover, the United States has been at the forefront of using technology for mass surveillance. The NSA’s PRISM program, revealed by Snowden, collects data from major tech companies, including emails, videos, photos, and social networking details. The program’s vast scope continues to expand with little oversight or transparency.

Examples of U.S. Surveillance

For instance:

  • PRISM Program: Collects extensive data from companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple.
  • XKeyscore allows analysts to search databases containing the emails, online chats, and browsing histories of millions of individuals.
  • Stingray Devices: Used by law enforcement to mimic cell towers and intercept mobile phone communications.

These tools are used extensively by various government agencies, raising significant concerns about privacy and civil liberties. Therefore, many individuals consider a new identity change as a method to escape this constant monitoring.

The Israeli Surveillance Industry

Furthermore, Israel is a critical player in the global surveillance industry, with companies providing cutting-edge surveillance technology worldwide. These technologies are used for both national security and commercial purposes.

Examples of Israeli Surveillance Technology

For example:

  • NSO Group’s Pegasus: A powerful spyware used to hack into smartphones, gaining access to messages, emails, and calls.
  • Verint Systems: Provides communications interception, networked video, and business intelligence solutions.
  • NICE Systems: Specializes in telephone voice recording, data security, and surveillance.

Impact of Israeli Surveillance Technology

Moreover, Israeli surveillance technologies are highly advanced and widely exported. Consequently, governments and private organizations use these tools to monitor individuals, leading to concerns about privacy and misuse.

Case Example:

  • Pegasus Spyware: Used in multiple countries to monitor journalists, activists, and politicians. It can infiltrate mobile devices, providing complete access to personal data.

This pervasive use of surveillance technology further emphasizes the importance of identity protection and the need for secure new identity creation. In an age where digital privacy is constantly threatened, individuals must proactively safeguard their personal information.

The Need for Identity Change

Given these circumstances, changing to a new identity or having multiple identities can be the only solution to protect yourself from being tracked. The disrespect for privacy laws in Western countries is scandalous. Yet, looking to the East, we see a more ominous future. China already uses mass surveillance to monitor its citizens and assign behavioural scores.

Case Study: China’s Surveillance and Social Credit System

China’s surveillance system includes security cameras and facial recognition technology. In 2018, the People’s Daily claimed that the country’s facial recognition system could scan the faces of 1.4 billion citizens in just one second, even if they had a new identity.

Behavioural Scores:

  • For example, posting about the government on Facebook or neglecting to pay a speeding ticket can lower your score.
  • A low behavioural score could prevent you from using public transportation.

Despite these measures, changing your identity in China is still possible. It may be challenging, but there are always ways to circumvent the system.

The Need for a New Identity Online

We can only reclaim our freedom by using a new identity online, making it virtually impossible for the ruling elite to track us. Protecting our privacy has never been more critical. Some argue, “I have nothing to hide, so why worry about government tracking?” However, misuse of collected data is rampant. Government officials have used surveillance data to stalk ex-girlfriends or seek revenge.

Case Study:

  • A government official misused surveillance data to harass an ex-partner. This underscores the need for robust identity protection.

Potential Future Scenarios

Imagine a future where a behavioural score system, like in China, is implemented worldwide. In Rongcheng, citizens start with 1,000 points. Good deeds can increase your score, while dishonest acts can decrease it.

For instance:

  • Donating blood or teaching a neighbour’s child can earn you points.
  • Jaywalking or downloading pirated content can result in penalties.

If your score drops too low, you face severe restrictions. In 2018, more than 17 million people were banned from flying due to low social credit scores. Public shaming is also a tactic used to enforce compliance. In Shenzhen, jaywalkers display their faces on billboards with their names and partially censored ID numbers.

The Importance of Identity Protection

Therefore, to protect your privacy and stay safe, it is crucial to be prepared to change your identity or have multiple new identities. At Amicus International Consulting, we can help you get a new identity. Contact us to learn more about creating a new identity and developing safe disappearance strategies.

Case Study: Successful Identity Changes

Case Study 1: John’s Safe Disappearance

John, a successful entrepreneur, faced constant surveillance and harassment. Seeking privacy, he approached us for a new identity. We assisted in creating a new identity, allowing John to start anew and live without fear of being tracked.

Case Study 2: Sarah’s New Identity Creation

Sarah, a journalist exposing corruption, must disappear legally to avoid retaliation. We helped Sarah create a new identity, ensuring her safety and enabling her to continue her vital work without compromise.

Case Study 3: Mike’s Digital Privacy

Mike, a tech expert, discovered his digital footprint made him vulnerable to tracking and harassment. We helped Mike create a new online identity, securing his privacy and enabling him to navigate the digital world safely.

Your Path to Privacy

At Amicus International Consulting, we specialize in providing solutions for creating and protecting new identities. Whether you need to disappear legally or safeguard your privacy, our services are designed to meet your needs in this era of mass surveillance. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve a safe disappearance and secure your new identity.

Comprehensive Identity Solutions

Furthermore, our expertise includes:

  • Legal Identity Changes: Assisting clients in legally changing their names and identities.
  • Digital Identity Protection: Providing strategies to secure your online presence.
  • Relocation Assistance: Helping you relocate to jurisdictions with better privacy protections.


In conclusion, the world of mass surveillance is here, and protecting your identity has never been more essential. Whether you seek an identity change, protection, or to disappear legally, we are here to help. Our expertise ensures your safe disappearance and the creation of a new identity that secures your privacy in this surveillance-driven world.

Take Action Today

Finally, it is crucial to take action today to safeguard your privacy. The threat of mass surveillance is accurate, and the need for a new identity is more pressing than ever. At Amicus International Consulting, we offer the expertise and solutions you need to protect yourself. Contact us now to begin your journey to a secure and private future.


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