Nine countries to live anonymously

by | Oct 17, 2020 | Anonymous Living, Anonymous Travel, Fugitive, live anonymously, New Identity

Nine countries for living in anonymity, with or without a new identity.

So, you’re a free world citizen whose local government has sought for something you did (whatever, we are not judging). But, just for academic purposes, where would you run? We have suggestions for nine countries to live anonymously

The obvious points as rating criteria should be anonymity, discretion, and the lack of an extradition pact with your first country. In honor of NSA whistleblower Edwin Snowden‘s safe transit to Russia and Julian Assange‘s first anniversary in the Ecuadorian Embassy guest house, we’ve compiled a list of the top 9 nations to visit and disappear in. Have fun hiding! Please refrain from sending postcards. You don’t want to reveal the nine countries to live anonymously

Iran is number one.

Iran, regarded as one of the most overrated countries by Western media, would be an excellent spot to go underground. The government does not want other people meddling in its affairs, making it one of the least diplomatic countries (in terms of official contacts formed with other states), enhancing your chances of not being deported. Learn Farsi, get an Iranian visa, and you’ll be set for the rest of your life. When you add T’aarof, the famous Iranian etiquette tradition, you may find yourself making many friends.

The Republic of Cuba

This flourishing vacation destination is characterized by low food and drinks, beautiful ladies, unique dance forms, and pleasant weather. What is there not to enjoy about Cuba, tell me? You have an instant winner when you combine one of the best healthcare plans in the world with the reality that the government there does not play nice with most other countries. This punishment is more appealing than anywhere else because of the endless sandy beaches and quiet blue waters.

The Sahara Desert

Western Sahara, the world’s most functional anarchy, is essentially 266,000 square kilometers of ungoverned space sandwiched between Algeria, Morocco, and Algeria. If money isn’t an issue, this infrastructure-free location could be the ideal hideaway for vanishing from the face of the world. Anonymity is usually ensured because of abundant fishing waters and a small indigenous population. Furthermore, while under Moroccan sovereignty, you would meet virtually no problems from the internal authorities due to the lack of state-level policing


Andorra is one of the world’s least-known countries, with just over 85,000 people. If you want to go there and hide, this works in your favor. With an estimated 10 million visitors yearly, island hopping will keep you off the radar for a long time. Andorra is also undisputedly a tax haven, with one of the world’s highest life expectancy rates.


Mainland China, the world’s fastest-growing economy, had to be on this list. The world’s second-largest country has plenty of room for individuals to retreat into. Also, the communist government dislikes being told what to do. Thus, you’re unlikely to be found out (unless your crime also transcends some of their laws). With a billion settlements of some kind, there’s a good chance you’ll find a job someplace. If you don’t, you should probably give up.


If you can’t hide in India, which has a population of a billion people, you can’t hide elsewhere, at least in this world. There is something for everyone in this country, with its rich multi-ethnic culture. People, weather, food, language, scenery, and a hundred other factors can influence how you live. Add in the discord between local governments and the vast distances, and it’s nearly hard to find anyone unless you take action that informs the locals (like coming to lunch dressed like a Wall Street wolf you should be able to live anonymously.

Brunei is a country in Southeast Asia.

Brunei, or the Abode of Peace, is one of the world’s most successful constitutional monarchies and one of the wealthiest countries to visit (as well as one of the most tranquil). For a fleeing criminal, this signifies that the Sultan wishes to keep his state’s affairs private (with a heavily suppressed media). Add a fantastic healthcare plan and easy access to the surrounding Malaysian and Indonesian kingdoms for a quick trip (in case the Polizei catches up with you). Brunei is the pinnacle of punitive measures.

France is ranked number eight.

The French have fantastic gastronomy and world-renowned architecture, are number one in tourism and have a general contempt for most other countries. However, the French have a long history of hiding criminals (ask Ira Einhorn or Roman Polanski) and are staunch opponents of extraditing their nationals. In addition, obtaining refugee status in France is much simpler than in most other European countries. Take up a pleasant activity, do not repeat your crime, and no one will disturb you, allowing you to live anonymously.

Bhutan is number nine.

Bhutan is the place to go if you want to get away from it all, even if it isn’t exactly a head-turner. The Land of the Thunder Dragon is the polar antithesis of that, with no fancy strips, boisterous authorities, and virtually no foreign relations with more than half of the world. Bhutan is more akin to a rehabilitation center for criminals. This is the best place to turn over a new leaf and live anonymously, with a tobacco ban, cultural etiquettes requiring you to refuse hospitality (although you can give in after two or three offers), citizens being legally required to protect the environment, and a recently lifted ban on television and the internet. 10. Out in the open or in transit

Why are you fleeing in the first place? Regardless of how you do it, getting out of your nation will always leave a paper trail. This will eventually lead the authorities to your general location. In truth, most individuals seek refuge in the most unlikely of places. In their attic, their grandmother’s house, or a run-down highway hotel. If you improvise a little, you’ll be able to have a lot of fun until you’re caught. Alternatively, be daring and keep moving. Your authorities will likely tire of chasing you down and drop the charges. But don’t hold your breath even in the nine countries living anonymously it’s going to be a challenge.

Starting over with a new identity, anonymous travel, and anonymous living is extremely difficult, make one small mistake in the process and you will fail. When your life and liberty are on the line, trust Amicus Intranational Consulting to deliver a safe, legal, and secure new identity, along with nine countries to live anonymously.