Purchasing a New Identity: The Four Steps Involved

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How to Safely Disappear and Create a New Identity

Disappearing legally and creating a new identity is a challenging yet attainable goal. It involves more than just acquiring new identification documents. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the steps involved in new identity creation and the services available from identity change providers. Understanding these steps can help ensure a safe disappearance and protect your identity.

Why Change Your Identity?

People change their names for various reasons. Some do it to align with the spelling on their birth certificates, while others may change their names due to marriage, professional reasons, or to avoid dangerous situations. Changing your name ensures consistency across government records and various platforms.

The Complexity of Creating a New Identity

Creating a new identity is more than getting a new passport or driver’s license. It involves legally changing your name in federal and state records and establishing a backstory. Certified service providers specialize in this complex process.

Services Provided by New Identity Service Providers

Reputable new identity service providers offer several services, including:

  • Extra passport
  • International treaty transfers
  • New persona creation
  • Extradition avoidance
  • PR crisis management
  • Living in anonymity
  • Social media rebranding
  • Anonymous travel arrangements

These providers ensure your security by using high-end encryption servers and firewalls. Once your new identity creation is complete, they delete your further identity information to maintain confidentiality.

How to Purchase a New Identity

Step 1: Contact a New Identity Provider

The first step in purchasing a new identity is contacting a specialized company. These companies will request basic information such as your name, address, criminal history, and financial situation. You will typically need to complete an online form before proceeding.

Step 2: Initial Approval and Requirements

Once approved, the company will provide you with a list of necessary documents and services, such as obtaining a new social security number, driver’s license, credit cards, and bank accounts. They will also help you develop an entirely new identity, including a backstory or “legend” to use when meeting new people.

Step 3: Documentation and Legend Creation

The provider will create all the necessary documentation, including social security cards, driver’s licenses, and passports. Your legend will explain who you are and how you got into this situation, providing a credible backstory for your new identity.

Step 4: Finalizing Your New Identity

Once the backstory and documentation are ready, the provider will deliver them. This step ensures that your new identity is functional and ready for immediate use.

Case Studies of Successful Identity Changes

Case Study 1: Carlos Ghosn

Carlos Ghosn, the former chairman of Nissan, faced severe charges in Japan. Fearing an unfair trial and potential imprisonment, he orchestrated an escape to Lebanon. Here’s how he managed it:

Ghosn was under strict surveillance and house arrest in Tokyo, making his escape incredibly challenging. Despite these obstacles, he devised a meticulous plan. On December 29, 2019, Ghosn slipped away from his residence and travelled to Osaka by bullet train. Disguised in various ways and using several helpers, he avoided detection.

Ghosn hid inside a giant musical instrument case loaded onto a private jet in Osaka. This bold move enabled him to bypass security checks and board the plane undetected. The jet flew to Turkey, where Ghosn transferred to another plane bound for Lebanon. Upon arrival in Beirut, he revealed his presence and declared he had fled to avoid political persecution.

Today, Carlos Ghosn resides in Lebanon, a country that does not have an extradition treaty with Japan. He lives freely, although his escape has drawn significant international attention and legal scrutiny.

Case Study 2: Samantha Smith

Samantha Smith, a whistleblower, uncovered corruption within a major corporation. After facing threats and harassment, she sought the help of a certified identity change provider. Samantha legally changed her name and relocated to a new city. Today, she continues her work under a new identity, ensuring her safety and peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Identities

Why Do People Change Their Identities?

People change their identities for various reasons, including escaping abusive situations, avoiding legal issues, or seeking a fresh start. For example, domestic violence survivors may change their identities to escape their abusers and start anew in a safe environment.

Individuals facing significant financial debt or legal troubles might also opt for a new identity to avoid repercussions and rebuild their lives. Lastly, some people desire a fresh start, free from past associations or negative connotations of their old identity.

What Are the Steps Involved in Changing Your Identity?

You can change your identity through a deed poll or statutory declaration. Deed polls are more expensive but less complicated, while statutory declarations are cheaper but more complex. The deed poll process involves signing a legal document declaring your new name, which is then used to update your records with various institutions.

Statutory declarations, however, require you to declare your new name before a legal authority, often involving more paperwork and official steps. Certified identity change experts can expedite the process and ensure legality by guiding you through each step, ensuring all legal requirements are met, and providing necessary documentation.

Can I Change My Name to Anything I Want?

Yes, you can choose any name for your new identity, but selecting a name that will not raise suspicion is crucial. Avoid names similar to your previous one and ensure your new identity adheres to legal guidelines.

Additionally, certain restrictions may apply, such as avoiding offensive names, misleading (like using titles or ranks you don’t possess), or intended to defraud. Consulting with a certified identity change provider can help you navigate these restrictions and choose an appropriate and legal new name.

How Will a New Identity Impact My Daily Life?

A new identity can simplify or complicate your life, depending on your reasons for changing it. It can help you avoid legal trouble or abusive situations, but you must still manage legal obligations and daily responsibilities.

For instance, you must update all your legal documents, inform relevant authorities and institutions, and adapt to your new persona. This might involve learning new habits, altering your appearance, and severing ties with your previous life.

It’s essential to be prepared for these changes and understand that while a new identity can provide safety and a fresh start, it also requires significant effort and adjustment.

How Do I Know If My Identity Change Is Legal?

Ensure you work with a certified identity change provider to avoid illegal activities, such as taking over deceased individuals’ identities or using fraudulent methods. Certified providers follow legal procedures and have experience creating legitimate new identities.

They will ensure that all necessary documentation is obtained legally and that your new identity is registered with the appropriate authorities. This minimizes the risk of legal repercussions and ensures that your new identity is sustainable in the long term.

Who Needs to Know About My New Identity?

Inform your employer, financial institutions, and anyone requiring your records about your new identity. Update personal information with friends and family to prevent confusion. Notify government agencies, such as the Social Security Office and the DMV, to update your official records.

Depending on your situation, you might also need to inform healthcare providers, insurance companies, and other service providers. The process can be time-consuming, but thorough updates ensure your new identity is recognized and legally valid in all aspects of your life.


Creating a new identity has become increasingly complex, with fewer certified providers available. Whether you want to avoid legal trouble or debt or live off the grid, seek a reputable identity change service provider to ensure a safe and legal transition.

By following these steps and working with certified providers, you can create a new identity and protect your privacy.

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