Transform Your Identity Without Being Discovered

by | Aug 27, 2022 | Anonymous Living, New Identity

It is not unusual for people in today’s modern world to desire to alter some aspect of their identities somehow.

There may come a time in your life when you decide you want to reinvent yourself completely with a new identity. This could be because you are moving to a new city or simply because you want to get away from old friends and acquaintances.

It’s possible that to access certain privileges that are not available with your current name, you will need a new identity. This could be as simple as changing your name.

Changing your identity

It is not a simple endeavor, but it is doable if you are prepared for the challenges it will present. So, let’s say you have a sneaky reason for wanting to change your identity, or maybe you just like to play dress-up once in a while. In that case, this article will provide you with all the information you require to change your identity without being discovered successfully.

At long last, people will take notice of the change in your name. Your new name will be accessible to anyone who searches for you in a database, as the government maintains a record of this information and makes it available to the public.

Find a New Place to Live

Changing your address is one of the first things you should do when attempting to create a new identity for yourself. It would be best to do this in a different city, but if you are willing to put in the effort, you can get away with it in your neighborhood and keep the government from keeping tabs on your relocations.

It is almost impossible to avoid having your personal information included in a government database if you relocate several times in a relatively short time. Moving to a new city with no history of keeping track of people moving in and out is the most effective way to avoid this situation.

To avoid arousing suspicion, you should try to stay in the same neighborhood for at least a year after moving to your city. Moving is much easier to say than it is act do, but there are a few things you can do to increase the likelihood that it will happen.

To begin, you need to be able to provide a convincing justification for wanting to change your address.

As was mentioned earlier, it is not against the law to move around quite a bit; however, if you don’t have a good reason for doing so, it will raise some red flags. Second, begin with a modest goal. Don’t just show up at your new home in Nevada with all of your belongings if you want to relocate from New York. Instead, you should get things rolling by relocating to a new city within your state.

Third, maintain your consistency. It will be evident that you are trying to avoid something if you continue to move around in different directions. Maintaining a consistent demeanor lends credibility to your actions and makes it easier to establish a track record.

Get Your Hair Cut Again!

A new haircut is an excellent method for disguising your appearance, but it will not have any impact on the identification you use. Your outward appearance is an essential component of your identity, and simply altering your appearance can be enough to throw off anyone attempting to identify you based on your face. If you are attempting to change your appearance, you should try to keep in mind that the appearance of the majority of people changes with age; therefore, a significant difference in appearance may be enough to raise suspicions.

Consult an attorney for assistance.

Suppose you are changing your identity for a grave reason, such as escaping from criminal charges or escaping from a relationship that is abusive to you. If this is the case, you might want to seek the assistance of a lawyer during this transition. If you wish for the change you’re making to be successful, you might have to put forth the effort, which can be time- and money-consuming.

You can search for a lawyer to represent you online or at the courthouse in your area. Before they assist you, you may be required to hire an attorney, make a retainer payment, or sign a contract. Before handing over any money to the attorney, it is wise to ensure they are entirely dedicated to representing your interests in the case.

Make a move to a Different Country.

The idea of living abroad permanently is appealing to a lot of people, but for others, moving abroad is unavoidable. Moving to a new country can be an excellent way to get a fresh start and start over with a clean slate. This is true regardless of whether you have a criminal record, have been the victim of stalking, or simply owe too much in taxes.

To make this goal a reality, you will need to take care of several details, such as finding a new job, having your educational credentials translated, locating a new place to live, and organizing your identification documents from the government.

If you genuinely want to leave the country, you will need to put in a lot of work to prepare for this, but it is possible. Keep in mind that it is impossible to vanish entirely without leaving traces in the expectation of never being found. Because the government keeps a record of everyone who has left the country and lives elsewhere, they will be aware of your departure.

Make a New Identity for Yourself Using Made-Up References

It is possible to assume a new identity and have success in finding work by fabricating references; however, doing so can be a challenging endeavor.

To begin, you’ll need to come up with a plausible explanation for why you decided to change your name. Potential employers will likely contact your references if you cannot provide any documentation. You will need to come up with fake names at this point because there is no other option. It might be challenging to get away with this, but giving a name that will lead to you being discovered is preferable.

If you have the financial means, consider getting plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery can be an effective method for changing one’s appearance and is one option to consider if one is attempting to elude the law or has a history of abuse. The downside to this method is that it is an expensive investment, and it only works once you try it. Because it is an invasive procedure, you must do your research and pick a surgeon who has a good reputation before undergoing the procedure.

You Should Alter Your Social Security Number.

A Social Security number is assigned to each individual who is a citizen of the United States. This is a one-of-a-kind identifier required for various tasks, including filling out welfare applications and paying taxes.

Suppose you have a valid reason for requiring a new number, such as someone else using your SSN for work-related purposes. In that case, changing your Social Security number is possible, even though it is not an easy process to go through.

If you don’t have one, one option is to try using a fictitious one. This is a highly challenging task, and there is a good chance that it won’t be successful. This will likely get the attention of the government.

You can apply for a fictitious identity; however, there is a good chance that the application will be denied, and you may be labeled a high-risk identity. Your application will be recorded in a database, which could come back to haunt you in the future, even if that doesn’t happen.

Making a New Identification Card Using Fake Documents

Using forged documents to construct a false identity is a dangerous endeavor that requires much work. If you go this route, you will have to create fake birth certificates for yourself and your family members, falsify school records, obtain a fake driver’s license, and perform several other fraudulent activities to pass as someone else.

The production of fake documents is not a job that can be done by oneself, and the costs can be very high. Be sure to locate reputable document forgers with prior experience in creating forged documents.

Modify Your Attire to Look Different!

Although it only makes up a small portion of your overall identity, how you dress is essential to who you are. You can make subtle adjustments to your wardrobe to change your outward appearance and how you present yourself internally.

Experimenting with different hues, materials, and patterns can help you figure out what looks best on you. Even though these alterations will not immediately impact your ID, you must remember that they may knock on your reputation.

If you attempt to shed a negative reputation, it is highly recommended that you steer clear of wearing clothing styles synonymous with that reputation.

In Conclusion

Changing your identity can be a challenging and dangerous endeavor, but it also has the potential to be very rewarding. This is your opportunity to make the changes to who you are that you’ve always dreamed of making. Before you make a change, you should ensure that you have a valid reason to do so and that the decision will not be one that you will come to regret in the future.

When attempting to conceal your true identity, always make sure to exercise extreme caution and safety. It is in your best interest to avoid getting caught and begin the process again. If you take the information and advice in this article to heart, you will be well on your way to adopting a new persona.