How to live off the grid with a new identity

by | Feb 9, 2022 | Anonymous Living, Anonymous Travel, New Identity

Why do so many of us choose to live below the radar and off the grid with a new identity? Some of us stay below the radar for safety reasons, while others just run away from their past and start a new identity.

Either way, every action taken has a purpose. a new identity. Good examples are when one is forced to live under the radar to escape an abusive relationship or run away from a dangerous criminal association.

How do you stay below the radar?

1. Stay away from the Internet

The Internet has become a crucial part of our daily life; it contains all your personal information. However, it’s also used to track down individuals who don’t want to be found and want to live anonymously and conceal their new identity. Just accessing a website or opening an email can reveal your location. The best way to stay under the radar is to avoid the Internet altogether. If you have to go online, use a VPN to protect your identity and privacy. By using a VPN, it’s virtually impossible to track your location.

2. Living the simple life

Keep a low profile; never show that you have money. Drive a boring car and don’t stay inexpensive housing. Use public transportation or ride a bicycle. Having a driver’s license. living inexpensive properties in the US and many other countries will get unwanted attention. Dress like the locals, and avoid over or underdressing.

3. Always be on the move

It is hard to track someone who is always on the move. A very effective tactic used by many who want to live anonymously and not be followed by government agencies or other individuals when they want to disappear and live off the grid with their new identity.

4. Don’t leave tracks

People get caught not because they don’t know how to hide but because they leave unintended clues that show their paths. Clues can be clothes, perfume, or even your financial record. Either way, an intelligent mind will grab these clues and get you in no time. One way to ensure that you don’t leave any tracks is by going through all your belongings so that nothing remains behind. A proper way to do it is by carrying a list that you can tick once you have packed a single item. As for your financial record, use cryptocurrencies. This day’s cryptocurrencies are virtually untraceable when used with a crypto id.

5. Using the right cell phone

Using an essential prepaid cell phone is required to stay under the radar. You must also ensure that you turn off your caller ID. This way, no one can tell who you are except the people you know. To ensure that you are safe from being tracked, it is advisable to keep changing your cell phone numbers every two weeks. You should also remove the phone battery if you are not using your device.

6. Change your name

It’s hard to track someone who has changed their identity unless you have some data connecting the new and old identity. Changing your name is the most crucial step in staying under the radar. Changing your name will require you to create a new crypto id. a new identity and a bank account with the new identity name. Get a new driving license and shift to the neighborhood you previously lived.

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