How Fugitives evade capture and acquire a New Identity

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There are anywhere from 400 to 500,000 fugitives being sought INSIDE the United States.



These are people who are wanted for crimes ranging from multiple misdemeanors to felony murder. Many go for years or even decades without being apprehended by acquiring a new identity.



Buy on the street or the Internet.


To start with, a fugitive is going to need a new identity. They can purchase identification documents from strangers on the street or the internet. The United States is home to many undocumented employees from all over the world. You can also purchase a new identity on the Dark web (accessed using a Tor browser). They obtain their identification from someone, and so can you.

The problem is that ID vendors are scumbags who are greedy and may sell the same ID numerous times. They could also use the purchase as a negotiating chip if and when they are caught, they give your name and new identity to law enforcement or government entities.


Buy from a state employee

Another option is to buy a new identity from a State or Provincial employee. Some of them, particularly DMV and IT employees, can put your picture on a driver’s license record and then have you go to the DMV to get a “new” license or identity card for the one you “lost.” No one will be able to tell that this is a fake ID because the government created it.

This is quite costly, though, because the clerk or programmer, you take a significant risk trying to bribe one.

Find an identity from someone within a five-year age range of you, the same race, height, build, and hair color, and whose facial features could lead to their being mistaken for you. Ideally, this person should be homeless and eager to sell their documents to you.

You either take their identification to the DMV and have a new one issued to you, or you obtain the person’s old identification and pay for a new one to be given to them.

To construct a unique identity, you might try combining information such as a birth date, social security number, and other characteristics. Because “you” do not exist, this will be the most difficult to track. If you don’t get into any trouble and keep things low-key, you’ll stay under the radar and hence unlikely to be recognized.

What’s more?

If you own a car, you will not want to use it (unless you switch the license plate). Avoid taxis and Uber since they keep track of where you were dropped off.

You may adore your cell phone, yet it serves as a navigational aid. Get a prepaid phone that you’ll use for a few minutes and then throw away, exactly like the terrorists. Even if you have a prepaid phone, don’t call friends and relatives because your call can be tracked to a place.

The same applies to credit cards, ATM machines, and even cheques. For fugitives, it’s cash and carry. Before you decided to disappear, you should have gathered a stash of cash. Preparation is crucial, and establishing a new identity might take months or longer.

Because of the popularity of facial recognition technology, avoid public venues with many closed-circuit security cameras. Such camera-free retreats are becoming increasingly scarce.

Make a significant change to your appearance. Cut your hair short if it’s lengthy. Use a long wig if it’s short. Make a change in your hair color. Hats, sunglasses, and sweatshirts are all good options for keeping your face covered.

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