How to change My Identity

by | Jun 24, 2022 | Anonymous Living, New Identity, new life

So, one day, you wake up and ask yourself how to change your identity.



There are easy ways to do this and difficult ways to do this; it all depends on how much you want to change your identity and start over with a completely new one.



How to change my identity the simple way:


1. Gradually cut off all ties to your present life. Let your phone calls go to voicemail, and stop replying to letters, emails, and instant messages. Stop bringing guests over to your house.

2. Request that all mail be sent to a PO box rather than your residence.

3. Gradually sell the items you don’t want to move with you. Plan to take the goods you wish to keep or locate a storage facility and pay the facility cash to store your items there. If you own your home, you should put it in a trust or rent it out and have a property management company transfer the rental money into an online account.

4. Make a plan for your new home. Choose a date. Then, carry out your project. Pick a city that neither you nor anyone else has ever visited.

5. When you go to your new area, refer to yourself by a different name. Most people will address you by the name you give them, which is your own. You will drop off the radar if you have no contact with your previous life and are not being hunted by the police or worried family members.

How to change my identity in a Moderately challenging way

1. Immediately cut off all contacts. Stop using social media and change your email addresses. Stop bringing guests over and answer the door while you are at home.

2. Make a thorough plan for where you’re going after leaving your current location. Make a plan that includes a brief stopover in another area before you reach your destination,

3. Sell everything you can’t carry with you right away. Avoid using a storage locker. Sell your house quickly or take out a sizable mortgage against the equity (don’t care about the interest rate since you don’t intend to repay the loan). After depositing the equity check, take the money out.

4. Hire a lawyer to help you officially alter your name. All of your legal documents should be updated to reflect this name change. Use this new identity until you reach your halfway point, then stop using it when you reach your final destination.

5. Exit your current neighborhood. Make your way to the specified halfway point. After staying there for three to six months, go to your final location. Start going by a different name of your choosing. Once more, no one will interrogate you, and those few who do will learn that your legally altered name is your “real” name.

6. Once more, you’ll probably vanish from the public’s gaze unless police enforcement, an intelligence agency, or a significant criminal organization is looking for you. Your family may hire a private investigator, but unless this person is adept at tracking down persons who have made a real effort to disappear, they are unlikely to succeed in finding you.

How do I change my identity the Hard way?

1. Immediately depart from your current neighbourhood. If you return home before leaving, bring what you need. This applies to stray cash, jewelry, guns, and anything that can be sold quickly.

2. Terminate ALL communication with all friends and family members.

3. Visit a nearby large city, preferably in a different state. You can find motels on US routes that are no longer heavily frequented there; avoid the interstates. Most of them accept payment for lodging, and their rates give you time to plan for your future actions.

4. If you don’t already have one, buy a used laptop or tablet. Find a fast food joint or coffee shop with WiFi access, then look for cities you can visit with the money you have on hand. Use of the hotel’s WiFi is not recommended (the authorities may track you to this location and be able to access the sites you have visited)

5. Modify your appearance slightly. Let your short hair grow if you have it. Cut your facial hair if you have it. Change your colourful outfit into something dull. Wear clothes that hide your tattoos if you have many, which is becoming more frequent. Take out all jewelry, either pawn it or throw it away. (DO NOT distribute it)

6. Identify a different city and cautiously move there. Remove your vehicle’s license plates and leave them here (if you have one). Once more, choose a less expensive motel along a US highway and stay there for a while. Check the local news on the Internet frequently to see whether your absence has become a topic of discussion.

And there is more…..

If it hasn’t, prepare to remain in your current location for at least three months. Start working at occupations that pay cash for regular employment during that time. These jobs are generally unpleasant, and you might get taken advantage of, but they’re vital since they’ll let you make money and meet people who can point you in the direction of:

7. Vendors of fake identification. A set of phony identification papers must be purchased. Ensure the item you buy looks excellent, and only swap when doing otherwise would seem suspect. Please don’t engage in a lengthy conversation with the person(s) you get the ID from; pay them, get it, and walk away.

REMEMBER: Never carry more than one ID with you at once.

There will be no compelling justification if law police stop you from having two separate named IDs on you.

8. After about three months, decide on a destination and travel there. Make sure that nothing connects your intermediate place to your final destination. Use the false identification you obtained to look for work in your current location (it’s your only link, but if you’ve been careful, it’s doubtful that anyone looking for you will think you’re using it elsewhere).

Make sure that it is unlikely that anyone from your prior life would consider looking for you at your final destination, and plan to stay there for a considerable amount of time (moving around attracts attention). Eventually, achieve low-level employment, locate a loving partner who is older and less attractive but emotionally and mentally sound, and start your new life.

Keep a low profile, and unless you have bad luck, you should be able to go for a long time without communicating with anyone.

Once you decide, there are several other things to consider, but if the actions above are taken, most of those who utilize them will remain unnoticed for protracted periods, if not for the rest of their lives. And answer the question of how to change my identity.