How to vanish forever with a new identity

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An incredibly detailed discussion of how to change your identity and vanish with a new identity.


Here’s everything you need to know about getting a new identity or passport or living anonymously in a new city.


Who is it, and why is it important?

Because of the enormous number of disappearances never formally recorded as misimpressions and the small number of people identified as missing persons who are not, all disappearance statistics are utterly unreliable.

Before the police take any official action, a person must be reported appropriately missing, handled by the FBI Missing Persons. Wives whose spouse has gone missing file most adult missing person reports.

Teenage runaways account for a high percentage of those reported missing. People vanish for various reasons: legal, economic, new identity, and psychological. The majority of people are a mix of the three.

A miserable marriage is the primary reason for her disappearance.

A man leaving his wife is relatively common, while a woman leaving her husband is extremely rare. In the United States, the “justice” system greatly favours women in divorce.

Why would a woman want to cut her spouse’s throat if she could divorce him and have him pay for the majority of the bills? The most common reason for women’s disappearance is domestic violence. The dread of being hurt is the driving force behind most female identity shifts.

If the husband and wife separate and wish to remarry, he must either divorce her spouse or have him proclaimed legally dead. Most people prefer the former because it takes less time and costs less money.

If the wife wishes to collect on her husband’s life insurance policy, she must first have him officially declared dead. Rock-ribbed practicality is one of the essential characteristics of someone willing and able to vanish and assume a new identity.

Gauguin Syndrome is a depressive condition that affects men in their forties and fifties who realize they will never achieve their life goals. Many “retired” folks create a second identity so that they can work while still receiving their maximum Social Security benefits.

As a result, they create a new identity, receive a unique social security number, and re-enter the workforce on a sub-rosa (secret) basis.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of criminal disappearances is that they tend to improve with practice. Middle-class spouses who flee their wives’ attorneys are rarely tracked down, but criminals on the run are frequently apprehended.

After their first or second arrest, they learn to comprehend what it takes to stay free, and they meticulously prepare for their next journey into the free world. The experienced identity thief is arguably the most difficult to track down.

How The Disappearing Mechanics

The most successful vanishers are those who meticulously planned and executed their disappearance.

Many of the disappearances that appear to be whimsical are the result of years of meticulous planning, even if the person doing the planning may not realize it at the time because he is daydreaming of being somewhere else, perhaps buying maps of South America, Alaska guidebooks, boating magazines, and so on. Something happens one day (an argument or a financial problem), and he indulges in his long-held dreams.

For years, Paul studied boats, sailing, and the geography of the countries he wished to explore.

He possessed the skills and knowledge required to go by sea. Two, he was fortunate enough to fall into his new identity (the ship captain coming into town & befriending him, his wife not investigating further, and Mexican police not doing a thorough background check).

Third, his time at sea allowed him to develop his new personality without immediately locating work or a place to live.

Unlike Paul, the majority of people begin putting together fake identification. They look into the mechanics of identity shifts and the bureaucratic needs of local, state, and federal governments, foreign countries, and employers.

They are preparing to vanish. Suicide is a way of disappearing. It is a reversible type of death in which one kills his previous life but does not lose the opportunity to begin a new one. Out of 100 apparent suicides near the Golden Gate Bridge, 26 were later discovered alive and well, indicating that they had faked their suicide or pseudocide.

Keeping your plans to yourself is one of the foundation laws of identity transformations. It’s nearly impossible to change identities simultaneously.

Save some money. Where will you live, and what type of work will you get? It’s not so much who you are as whether you can prove it. Before you break it, think about getting a new ID.

Get a private mailing address; the best option is to rent a lesson, often known as a mail drop, from persons who rent their studies for a charge. You should not bring your car because it will leave a trail.

Most foreign nations demand a passport or birth certificate and additional identification driver’s licenses, credit cards, other licenses, and so on – from US citizens, which is subject to change frequently and without notice.

Mexico genuinely requires “proof” of citizenship.

A variety of documents, including driver’s licenses, are accepted. Because of their poor economy, they don’t have stringent rules. Without these items, restrictions allow immigration officers to offer a modest cost or refuse to issue permits.

If this happens, a little propina (a gratuity similar to a tip) is appropriate. If the official refuses, they may demand extra money, turning it into a mordita (bribe). They may get skeptical if you offer them too much information upfront.

Information with other MPBs: the MPB will not pursue a disappearance across state boundaries. If you follow the most basic identity-changing processes, you have a high chance of remaining undiscovered.

The FBI will track you down if you are fleeing persecution or taking “French” leave using an employer’s money. The more money and attention a disappearance attracts, the more intensive and time-consuming the search will be.

Developing a Bullet-Proof Personality

Finding an excellent identity to employ is the first step in developing one. The word “locate” is crucial in this case.

Creating an identity from the ground up is possible, but it is incredibly tough. It is a mistake to assume the identity of another living person while creating your documentation. There’s way too much of a trail.

Millions of people in the United States are “inadvertent phantoms,” meaning that their current documented identity is not the same as the one with which they began their lives.

Foundlings who were “given” by their parents to another couple who raised the child as their legitimate offspring, adoptees who took the names of their adopting parents without voiding their original birth records, and people raised under false names so their wrong parents could collect more welfare benefits, and so on are all included in this category.

Every one of these unintended identity changers has a backup identity. It will be straightforward to document the identity under which he has lived his entire life and the identity under which his birth was officially registered.

If you don’t have a second identity built-in, the best option is to use the identity of someone who has died; in the United States, there is extremely little association between birth and death data.

War Buddies

A friend who served with you in the military died in the war or is “missing in action” is a great pick. His death may not have been legally registered where he was born.
  • Childhood Friend: You know a lot about your childhood friend’s life, which can assist you in substantiating your story. If he died in a city other than his birthplace, his death is unlikely to be recorded in his hometown.
  • Headstones: Stroll around any town’s cemetery and look at the tombstones. These typically include the deceased’s original name, birth date, and death date. They may also have the parents’ names, making obtaining the ID you require much easier.

Check the obituary section of your local newspaper

They’re instrumental in small towns and rural locations because they usually include more information about the deceased’s relatives, age, birth and death places, and cause of death. After that, you can look into any one of the appropriate age born in a remote city.

  • Look for reports of calamities such as plane crashes, railroad derailments, and fires, among other things. If the death occurred outside of the United States, there is a slim probability that the individual’s birth records will be linked to the end.
  • Personnel Records: access to personnel records in a large corporation, employment agency, or government agency. Workers’, ex-employees, deceased employees, and their families dossiers are all available. Background, education, and a spelled-out name, place, and date of birth will all likely be included.

Consider some of your identity’s secondary qualities. The most famous names in the United States appear to be those from the British Isles or Northern Europe.

Examine the educational background of the person you’re adopting. Preferably, they have solid academic experience that will help you land a job. Avoid identifying yourself as someone who has had a lot of specialized training.

You don’t want to take on the persona of someone who fled with their family. Their ex-wife or children are likely to receive social security benefits due to their death.

Keeping track of your new identity

To receive a birth certificate, you’ll need to know your date of birth, where you were born, your parent’s names, and your mother’s maiden name.

If you’re having trouble, hire law school students or moonlight legal researchers, as they don’t ask questions and like the money. Once you have all the necessary information to create your new identity, you must request a copy of your birth certificate; don’t worry about this step; many people lose or never receive their original.

Use a letterhead printed in the name of the person whose ID you’re looking for, make all required payments with money orders, and communicate through a mail drop.

Then, you can apply for a driver’s license at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Bring a couple of letters to you as proof of residence and your birth certificate. It should be simple to arrange for your mail drop address to be displayed instead of your actual address.

Do not use the Social Security number that comes with your new identity to obtain a Social Security number. Make up a justification for applying so late in life to the SSN clerk, such as being a “perpetual student” living abroad.

The passport office, not the post office, is ideal for getting a new passport; the passport clerk will require your birth certificate as a form of supporting identification, such as your driver’s license. It is preferable to send during the cold months.

Coping with a new identity

The successful disappeared, particularly one who is actively hunted, must be able to land on his feet like a cat and then move fast and carefully. If you stay with friends and family for the first few days of your new existence, people from your previous life will seek you out and leave a trail.

Remain off the street for the first few days, as police are more likely to check out people on the road. Look for a purpose, a salvation army, or somewhere to stay. Travelling is perhaps the best option.

Small towns in the United States are a no-no because everyone knows everyone in these places; instead, look for a larger city. The challenge for the ordinary disappeared is not whether or not to work but rather what kind of employment to undertake and how to get it.

Establishing credit is the most critical principle to remember when working for a new company. The second motivation is making personal connections.

Accept that you will take low-paying jobs first but must establish a work history. Consider becoming freelance. Consider the possibility of earning money online these days.

The construction sector is a beautiful place to start if you want to create a fresh persona. Also available is a part-time job. Avoid jobs that require you to be in the public eye, such as TV, radio, bartending, lecturing, bell hopping, etc.


Using fictitious, vague-sounding businesses, a few mail drops would suffice if you require references. Use these companies’ letterheads and generate your letters of recommendation.

If someone asks for a phone reference, say that your direct supervisor retired or left to work for a competitor. If you take his identity, his education will almost certainly be assumed, but do not try to “exploit” his degrees.

People you meet will inquire about your schooling, alumni, etc. If you need educational credentials, obtaining them online is far better than relying on those that came with your new shell.

You can continuously pursue new degrees and take waiver examinations for classes that have already been completed. To begin establishing credit, get the most basic of easy-to-get credit cards.

One strange situation you can encounter is the identity you took, which had previous debt issues. This is why an identity changer only adopts as much of another’s identity as is essential and why starting with a new and immaculate social security number is vital.

A person can be recognized in six different ways.

Gait and overall appearance are the first two things that come to mind. The head and face shape are also characteristics that aren’t the same as Geographic location.

Consider altering your hair colour, haircut, clothing, wearing glasses, decreasing or gaining weight, growing a beard, and other cosmetic changes. If you’re making a significant career move, it’s advisable to keep quiet until you’ve figured out the ropes.

To avoid identification checks, you must always be prepared and cautiously proceed. It would help to leave as few paper traces as possible in the early phases.

Stay away from government buildings as much as possible. Avoid rallies, clubs, and other public exposure as much as possible. Never carry more than one set of identity documents.

A common blunder

Detachment from your past may be the most challenging thing, let alone getting away from your U.S. legal problem. Many people get caught up when communicating with people from their “past” lives.

All funds should be transferred in cash from one identity to the next. Resist the urge to confide in and reveal your secret to a new partner or young man/young lady.

Starting over with a new identity, anonymous travel, and anonymous living is extremely difficult. Make one small mistake in the process, and you will fail. When your life and liberty are on the line, trust Amicus International Consulting to deliver a safe, legal, and secure new identity.