New Identity and Secondary ID

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I will answer some of the most often asked questions concerning altering one’s identification and a new identity.

Understanding the larger context will help us achieve our aim of transforming our identity seamlessly along with supporting secondary ID.

Q: A new identity can be created in how long?

A: It depends on your location. In certain areas, offices are faster than in others. In most cases, the procedure can be completed in eight to twenty weeks.

Q: Is it lawful to change one’s identity?

A: Changing your identity or name is legal as long as you intend to utilize your new identity for lawful purposes.

Q: Is changing my name and social security number impossible?

A: No, that is not the case. Changing your name and SSN is both possible and legal. It is pretty legal and fairly usual to change one’s name. Because the procedure for changing your name differs by state, you should consult your county court or the Internet to learn the particular techniques you must take. You must submit a petition to request the change. This form contains information on why you wish to alter your name. Fees differ as well.

After you pay, you’ll receive legal paperwork that you’ll need to change your name everywhere else — at the bank, on your driver’s license, on your credit cards, on your insurance, and with the Social Security Administration. Changing your Social Security number is also lawful. You can apply for a new card with a unique number from the Social Security Administration, but the process will take some time. Everything will run smoothly if everything is done correctly.

Q: I’ve noticed commercials for fraudulent identification, such as birth certificates and driver’s licenses. Are these trustworthy?

A: No, they’re all scams that won’t help you develop a new identity. You should be aware that changing your identity is a risk, and beginning with forged documents will only exacerbate the matter. Many years ago, you could buy all kinds of incredibly high-quality fakes (including blank Social Security cards). Still, rules are constantly changing, making it nearly hard to sell anything that even closely resembles a genuine document legally.

From the standpoint of a new identity, a new identity based solely on a forged birth certificate and other documents has very little value. A valid birth certificate that the issuing authorities can verify is required to obtain a new social security number. As a result, falsified documents alone are insufficient. Don’t throw your money away. DO IT IN A SAFE AND LEGAL MANNER.

Q: How much would creating a new identity cost me?

A: The only expenses you’ll have are the fees levied by various government agencies, which are not prohibitively expensive for us. It’s impossible to forecast these costs because they vary from state to state.

Q: Can I successfully alter my identification by changing my name in court?

A: The answer to your query is contingent on the location of your legal name change. In some areas, the court’s name change record is entered into a searchable computer database accessible throughout the state. Anyone can search the database and find the relationship between your old and new identities due to this. In specific locations, however, the transaction is only documented in a paper ledger at the local courthouse, making it very hard for anyone to learn the facts unless they know precisely when and where you changed your legal name.

This is often a result of being on the run from the law, reconstructing your life after committing a crime, or fleeing a stalker of the same sex or a possibly hazardous ex. It can be a lengthy procedure that requires a significant amount of time and work on your behalf. Nonetheless, many extraordinary people have succeeded in changing their identities, and you can, too. If you stick to this plan, you’ll be living as someone else in no time.

To begin, establish a plan and keep in mind that you must accomplish all of the following things in secret.

  • Prepare to start afresh from the beginning.
  • Pick up a new language.
  • Play around with different accents.
  • Change your profession.
  • Develop new hobbies and interests as a sideline.
  • Make an effort to introduce yourself under your new name.
  • Get used to trying different meals and cooking them.
  • The ability to switch hands (lefties ought to wind up righties and the other way around)
  • Alter your physical look (or create a new one)

Remove all ties

Cutting all ties with everyone you know is essential to any shift in identity. This won’t be difficult for specific web-based clients; however, you should be as attentive as possible, as one overlooked detail can blow your cover.

Remove yourself from society, to begin with. You don’t have to live alone in the desert, but you will need to make some lifestyle and habit changes.

All magazine subscriptions should be canceled. Close your email accounts and don’t respond to postal mail. Wipe your PC clean, make an effort to withdraw any web memberships you may have, and then remove your browsing history.

Disconnect your phone and the services for utilities, appliances, and electronic devices. Even though this may appear extreme, if you are genuinely dedicated to vanishing, you will make it a point to eliminate every possible avenue for discovering information about your history.

Using a constantly moving vehicle (public transportation or a cab, for example) makes tracking-challenging your movements more difficult.

What to do next

After that, go on to your business ties. Leave your workplace, gather all of your personal belongings, clean and erase fingerprints, and disinfect the room’s furniture with bleach. Anyone looking for information about your previous work cannot uncover any trace or evidence of your existence.

Next, withdraw all cash from your financial accounts, close them, and remove your name from the register. Make sure you take all required precautions to preserve your privacy and authorize funds to be completed, ensuring your safety.

Furthermore, if you haven’t done anything like that in a while, ransacking a bank will count as both acquiring new jobs skills and learning new distractions.

Now, deactivate any credit/platinum cards, stop using automatic deposits and, if applicable, banknotes, and start using cash solely because credit cards are an easy way to track down a man who is attempting to hide.

Have a great time mailing postcards and letters from a phony location if you have a funny side and are willing to take some risks. Use a graveyard, a security base, or a comfortable jail as a site.

Give your relatives and friends the name of a road that sounds similar to your own; give your foes the locations of tropical havens. Please remember that you should not move to any of these locations.

Change your name

Several people in witness protection programs are given prevalent names, such as John Smith, Brian Williams, James Jones, or NguynThuôDuôc. Considering all of the options, this is boring. Please look at the greatest nark ever, Tomaso Bruschetta, a Sicilian mafia pentito who changed his name 180 times during his long retirement while being pursued by all mafia-related organizations worldwide.

Consider the educational experience and qualifications you will gain shortly through your endeavors: do you believe they would want to hire someone with the creative capacity to develop a unique identity for themselves?

Another thing to keep in mind while changing your name is to avoid using a nickname similar to your current one. You are now known as “Cool Bill,” you should not change your name to Bill Cool.

Alternatively, if your site name is NOOB606, it’s not a good idea to call yourself NewbSixohsix for the rest of your life.  Chad Ochocinco (Spanish for 85) failed to maintain incognito when he adopted that name as his new moniker since his football uniform revealed him.

Consider establishing a reputation as a Black Muslim.  What If Lew Alcindor had not converted to Islam and changed his name to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, his life would have been filled with uncertainty. If you’re not a black person, shoe polish or woodstove ashes are simple alternatives.

If you want to live a life without boundaries, complete the conversion to Islam by relocating to Arabia. Draw Scrabble tiles from a sack if you’re feeling particularly inventive.

Alter your physical look

Changing your appearance is an integral part of implementing a character enhancement plan. Long trench coats, wide-brimmed hats, shades, and a Groucho Marx-style plastic nose and mustache are all tried and true but perhaps overly conspicuous compared to today’s fashion possibilities. Even if it seems absurd, don’t rule out receiving plastic surgery, including “sex reassignment,” even if it looks ridiculous.

Adopt new demeanors, attire, and actions

You might develop a taste for new foods or pursue new interests. To avoid being recognized, you may choose to dye your hair, wear colored contact lenses, or give up contacts in favor of spectacles. You may have to change careers.

Maintain a modest profile

Your prior identity could be made public if you’re arrested, sued, or draw the media’s attention, and government and private agencies have a record of your identity change.


You’ll need to find a new place to live now that you’re a different person. In most cases, leaving your nation is a good idea if you’re in danger of being detained. Try not to choose your next place based on a dream location, as your closest relatives will be able to figure it out.

Furthermore, no one is more at risk than your current loved ones; these folks will not hesitate to hand you over to anyone who will pay when you are no longer alive. Perhaps use a pin, a world guide, or a revolving globe to determine your future living arrangement randomly.

Starting over with a new identity, anonymous travel, and anonymous living is extremely difficult, make one small mistake in the process will fail. When your life and liberty are on the line, trust Amicus International Consulting to deliver a safe, legal, and secure new identity.