Creating a new identity

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Let’s dig a bit into what we mean by identity.

At the fundamental level, it’s your name/face, i.e., people know you by your name and face. It’s possible to change both the name via an affidavit before a court, and the look via plastic surgery, but this is all you have to do when creating a new identity.

In case of a name change, there’s a link between your old and new name.

Getting a new passport to reflect your new name and appearance may be possible, provided you have another government identity. This is to support the information you want when creating a new identity.

But, in this modern age, our identity has several other components a Social Security number or SSN, for example.  That is something you cannot change legally. Your SSN /Social insurance number will link you to everything else from your past to you directly.

Now, if you move to a new country using the new identity you created and then renounce US citizenship. There will be a record that would still reference your US citizenship and, thereby, your old identity.

However, for all outward purposes, you have created a new identity.

 The “easiest†way to Create a new identity is to adopt the identity of a person who is of the same race/ethnicity as you.

Someone who was born within 3-5 years on either side of your birthdate, with no criminal record, travels only domestically (if at all)

A person who isn’t well-known, who doesn’t live in your area, and who doesn’t have an existing security clearance. If that person also happens to look similar to you would be even better. I’m not going to do the†heavy lifting “of telling someone how to do this, a quick search of Google will suffice, I am sure.

You will need to acquire “breeder documentation†(library cards, car registration, medical insurance cards, etc.), and you need to take these documents to the various locations necessary for a person to obtain the foundational identity items required to perform the task of creating a new identity.

An example of how creating a new identity works

James’s ‘Whitey†Bulger, the Boston gangster who fled justice for more than 16 years, created several new identities to cloak his real identity as a fugitive on the run. After meeting several homeless men, he paid them for their identification documents and created multiple blended identities.

Using these “borrowed†identities and creating a new identity, he could seek medical care, obtain prescriptions and, ironically, purchase firearms at gun shows.

If it weren’t for Bulger’s racism, his companion’s inflexible personal habits, and the memory of a former Miss Iceland hadn’t come together in the perfect storm, the US Marshal and the FBI would have never found him. Bulger would die and be buried without any law enforcement agency ever finding him.

Creating a new identity using the Dark web.

There are many such offers, on the dark web to create a new identity. In some countries, they have open-air shops with stalls showing examples of what identity documents they can produce on demand. Such as driver’s licenses, national identity cards, or passports for almost any country or state in the world.

One of the best-known examples and some impressively realistic ones come from illegal operations in Bangkok, Thailand.

It’s all useless.

No one can create a “new identityâ€; what you see on TV or in movies is pure fiction. It’s worse than useless because you will be caught almost instantly if you attempt to use fake, forged, synthetic, or cloned identity documents.

No matter how good a forged driver’s license, government ID, or passport might be, even if it’s identical to the real thing in every way.

The license or passport number will either not be present in the database, or if it is, the picture on the document (of you) will not match the image stored in the database, likewise with any biometric data. Law enforcement officers and Government border control officials have instantaneous access to the databases via wired or wireless devices.

The first procedure they do when checking an ID is to enter the ID type, place of issuance, and ID number into the computer. Mismatches and other anomalies will be easily detected as forgeries regardless of how good they are.

So, you can purchase a new clean identity in many places online, on the Dark web, or from a stranger on a street corner while creating a new identity.

It will be utterly useless because while the forgers may be able to make flawless documents, there is a problem.  They cannot create all the necessary matching records in the government databases to create a new identity.

Contact Amicus International Consulting for further information and guidance on how to create a new legal identity.