How To Survive When You’re A Fugitive On The Run

by | Jul 7, 2022 | Anonymous Living, Anonymous Travel, Fugitive

Let’s face it, life on the run as a Fugitive is tough to survive; there are many compelling reasons why any of us could want to drop out and vanish entirely.

With CCTV everywhere, governments are increasingly becoming surveillance states. It’s more complicated than ever to remain anonymous without someone watching our every move. There are many reasons an individual who becomes a fugitive would consider simply disappearing from society.

But what if you were a fugitive and wanted to hide away, vanish, and live indefinitely in the underground economy? This is a fundamental subject that is more pertinent now than ever in our nation’s history, as the National Security Agency (NSA) currently copies 100% of electronic communications in the United States daily.

The preparation and execution of your entire disappearance and eventual rebirth into anonymity must go through several steps, including declaring your mission, deleting your history, scrambling your trail with deception, and eventually resurfacing somewhere in the underground economy.

Identifying Your Goal

So, after much deliberation, things have gotten to the point where you are confidently desperate and sure that disappearing from the face of the world is your only alternative. When you get a strong feeling that you are in danger, you must comprehend who and what you are fleeing from and why; above all else, you must avoid exposing yourself. You’re possibly being pursued by an abusive ex-husband, gang members, or a fugitive on the run.

Are you confident that your running will not endanger your loved ones or cause harm to others? Understanding that whoever is pursuing you may not give up for a long time, resulting in some “lost time” in your life.

Your destiny requires you to vanish and go on the run as a fugitive. You’re willing to pay the price and risk your life as a fugitive. You’re convinced that this is your only chance to start over.

Taking Away Your Past

Those pesky snoops. Bill collectors, repossession agents, private investigators, and others use various methods to locate people. Talking to ex-lovers/partners and ex-employers, and going to the gym, library, and other places you frequent. Your “history” is made up of a human-to-human trail of knowledge.

There’s the paper trail. It would help if you cut ties with people and activities that can be traced back to you. They know what kind of movies you watch, what kind/size of clothing you wear, the food you consume, the clubs you frequent, the music you listen to, the medical prescriptions you buy, and so on, all thanks to your credit cards.Phone, cable, and other bills contain your personal information, such as phone numbers, residences, and birthdates.

Paper trail

Social media is a phenomenon. Removing invoices, phone numbers, PC hard drives, writings, photographs, yearbooks, and similar items from your apartment or home is essential to eliminating a paper trail. It’s especially vital to destroy pictures of yourself because the most recent ones found in the houses of recently disappeared people are often the ones that have been published in the media. Put all of your old clothes in the Goodwill donation box nearest you.

Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and other social media sites already have much information about our personal lives. Getting rid of your digital internet trail is much more challenging than getting rid of your paper trail. People have claimed that Facebook keeps your data on its servers permanently, even after you commit “Facebook suicide.” It’s no surprise that conspiracy theories abound about social media being a gold mine for authorities.

Finding you in person is much more complex and time-consuming than snooping on your digital trail. If you know you will disappear, you can utilize social media to spread fake information ahead of time.

Scrambling Your Trail: Creating Disinformation

Pants on fire, liar, liar. False information is created. Eliminating as much of your physical past as possible is the next logical step. This is the point at which you appear to have vanished in a variety of directions at the same time. You want them to waste resources searching in circles for false information. Make a fictitious trail. The best bet is to make it appear as if you went to the destination you had most talked about while travelling to the spot you had never told anyone about.

Tell everyone you’re relocating, travelling overseas to teach English as a second language, joining the Peace Corps, or volunteering to plant trees with a non-profit. If you don’t already have one, make one and fill it with all kinds of false information, then set the privacy settings to zero so that you are completely visible. (If you already have one with legitimate details, do the opposite.

Alter your appearance

Purchase a new wardrobe in style you would not ordinarily wear: if you are a blue-collar worker, invest in business attire; if you are a jeans wearer, invest in formal pants. Breaking all of your bad habits, such as smoking, is advisable. If you smoke, try to quit or switch brands. Changing your hair colour and facial hair is a no-brainer, as is switching your glasses for contacts or wearing sunglasses if you don’t need glasses. Another effective strategy is changing your gait or body shape by losing weight.

Learn a new accent, and be mindful of your small habits that could alert your pursuers, who will most likely assume you’re desperate. Perhaps acquire a new language and blend in with an ethnic community under a phony name.

Make a fictitious banking trail.

Take your ATM cards and ship them to very trusted people in places around the country to make withdrawals on your behalf, just to run them around in circles. Make it appear that you’re producing activity in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle, Portland). You’re relaxing in the Florida Keys, and they’ll think you’re on the other side of the continent.

The underground economy is resurfacing, which benefits a fugitive on the run. Use the blabbermouths in your life to your advantage. Please list the most potent gossip and vindictive ex-girlfriends you know, and fill it with false information.


After the trail has gone cold and you’re ready to take on a new identity, including a new name, new appearance, new habits, and a new way of life, the hiding-in-plain-sight process begins at a point where you’ll be a new person – “reborn.” The most challenging component of this is obtaining the necessary documents, which is beyond the scope of this post. But maybe done in phases as you feel more secure and have a clearer head.

The whole point of disappearing and dropping out of sight is to keep yourself safe from clear and immediate danger and give yourself some space to think about your options and buy some time.

There are numerous ways to obtain or create a job that pays under the table to make enough money to survive. Your current base of operations is the underground economy. Avoid using cash and check locations because many of them are authority honeypots.

It is common knowledge that Western Union exchanges information with the DEA, DHS, and other government agencies.


It would help if you stayed away from anything that requires you to rent or lease something under your name. Renting an inexpensive loft or basement apartment from a mom-and-pop homeowner is safe. Renting from a property management company will require you to sign a lease and do credit checks. Furthermore, living out of a suitcase makes it simple to travel around and depart at a moment’s notice if necessary.


The alternatives to a car include bicycling, public transportation, or taxis. It will be tough for anyone to track you down if you ride a bike, rent a small apartment, and work entirely in cash with no bills in your name.


Cell phones that are prepaid and anonymous are perfect for the fugitive on the run. There is no more to say. In most countries, you can buy prepaid telephones that don’t need to register your name or address. Alternatively, you can purchase prepaid phone cards. You should buy a prepaid SIM card and use only cash to top it up. Never give out the information to anyone; remember, you are a fugitive.


Setting up “mail drops” or mail forwarding services is also beneficial, as long as these and other services are paid for in cash.

Use a service like Earth Class Mail’s “mail drop” or “mail forwarding service. “They provide many street locations to which mail and packages can be forwarded. Bill collectors will be notified of your Earth Class Mail address, which will confuse them.


When you’re a fugitive, always on the run, it is essential to ensure that you stay as anonymous as possible. Therefore, it is vital to get rid of any identifying information linked to your identity, such as social media accounts or photographs of yourself. It would be best to alter your appearance by changing your hairstyle and clothing to make it more difficult for anyone to recognize you.

You should purchase items like a new wardrobe and different forms of identification in cash whenever possible. This will prevent anyone from being able to trace transactions back to you and make you less likely to be identified in public. Furthermore, setting up mail drops or forwarding services could help you keep out of sight; however, these services must be paid for with cash.

In addition, having someone else help create a paper trail for you can be very helpful. They can purchase goods on your behalf using their name and address, so there are records of activity under an alternate character that cannot be traced directly back to you. It may also be helpful to set up or use existing fictitious bank accounts, which can be used instead of your genuine bank account details when making purchases online or elsewhere.

Finally, you need somewhere safe and secure to stay temporarily. In that case, various methods are available, such as ‘Reborn’ rooms or Airbnb accommodations, where no personal identification is required when booking. When travelling, try to avoid drawing attention by driving fancy cars or taking costly flights; take public transport or hire a car if necessary, but pay for this in cash too, so there is no record linking payment details back to you. Finally, communication should only ever be done using untraceable devices such as burner phones and disposable emails, which cannot be easily tracked back through records. All communication must remain entirely off the grid at all times.

Following these simple steps and keeping one step ahead with good planning and preparation for any eventuality will increase your chance of survival considerably when on the run from authorities.

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