How to buy “New Identity?”

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How Do You Buy a New Identity? Who Do You Contact?

Where do you look? Is it safe?

Millions of individuals use the internet daily for various purposes, from basic tasks like tweeting to distant employment and creating a new identity. Specialists from a hacking course point out that the internet has become a widely used tool. However, it is also one of the primary operating bases for hundreds of criminal organizations that engage in illicit activities.

The Dark Web and Identity Change

According to the cybersecurity community, the “conventional internet” is where law enforcement agencies worldwide have spent much time and money trying to stop illegal activities. However, most cybercrime occurs on the “dark web,” a network that can only be accessed using specific tools. This network is where criminal organizations still operate with a fair amount of freedom. Entering this network is difficult, but it is where the illegal sale of new identities often occurs.

Understanding the Dark Web

The dark web is a part of the deep web, a more extensive section of the internet that is not indexed by standard search engines. The deep web includes everything from private databases to subscription-only content. The dark web, however, is a smaller, hidden portion that requires specific software, such as Tor (The Onion Router), to access. This anonymity-focused network allows users to communicate and transact without quickly revealing their identity or location.

How the Dark Web Operates

The dark web operates on the principle of anonymity. Users connect through a series of relays, encrypting their data at multiple layers, making it nearly impossible to trace. This environment attracts various illicit activities, including drug trafficking, weapons sales, and the sale of stolen or forged documents.

The Users of the Dark Web

Drug traffickers, pedophiles, malevolent hackers, and for-hire killers are the primary users of this portion of the internet. Organizations like the FBI and Europol have documented their activities. However, selling forged documents has emerged as one of the latest enterprises with the quickest growth rates. These documents are in great demand from alleged criminals, immigrants, and even political refugees. Although it could appear like a fiction-only habit, it is becoming commonplace in many nations.

How to Buy a New Identity

Hacking course specialists believe that various stolen and fabricated documents, such as passports, driver’s licenses, academic credentials, and bank accounts, may be discovered on the dark web. Considering the price of these documents, purchasing a new identity might be relatively affordable.

The Reality of Buying a New Identity

We’ve all seen movies about how bogus identities are created, but that’s about it. What if I said it was both feasible and inexpensive? Would you like to buy a new identity? In recent years, obtaining a new darknet identity has become simpler. Users have unparalleled access to phony and stolen personal documents on the darknet, which are currently more affordable than one may anticipate.

The Cost of a New Identity

Many underground sites exclusively accept payment in cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin (BTC), even though there is virtually always a payment option using currencies like US dollars. The price of a completely new identity, which includes a new passport, license, diploma, birth certificate, financial information, and phony money, varies from nation to nation.

Average Prices by Country

  • Australia: $19,294
  • United Kingdom: $19,253
  • Europe: $23,051
  • USA: $17,051
  • Canada: $19,038

Types of Passports on the Dark Web

The dark web offers two different kinds of passports. According to experts, passports with claims like “registered,” “authentic,” and “able to pass verification” cost more money. Typically, the cheapest fake passports cost the customer about $100. An “authentic passport” on the dark web typically costs $32,745 in Australia, $35,745 in Canada, and $39,700 in Europe.

Cost Variations by Country

Even if the average cost of a fake European passport on the dark web is $17,750, the price of forged documents varies by nation for various reasons. A false Norwegian passport will cost the most, at $86,800, followed by those from Switzerland ($79,764), the Netherlands ($77,745), Germany ($75,745), France ($73,745), and Spain ($72,690).

The Dangers of Buying an Illegal Identity on the Dark Web

Legal Consequences

Purchasing a fake identity on the dark web is illegal and can lead to severe legal consequences. If caught, you could face identity theft, fraud, and conspiracy charges, leading to hefty fines and lengthy prison sentences. Law enforcement agencies worldwide continuously monitor the dark web, making the risk of apprehension high.

Financial Risks

The dark web is rife with scams. You might pay thousands of dollars for documents that turn out to be fake or unusable. Since transactions typically use untraceable cryptocurrencies, recovering your money is almost impossible if you get scammed.

Personal Safety

Dealing with criminals on the dark web can put your safety at risk. If a deal goes wrong or you attract unwanted attention, you could become a target for extortion.

Quality of Documents

The quality of fake documents on the dark web can vary greatly, which presents significant risks. Poor-quality documents can be easily detected, leading to immediate suspicion and potential arrest. Even high-quality fakes can be uncovered with modern verification techniques, putting your new identity at constant risk.

Variability in Quality

Document quality variability is a major concern. Some documents might appear legitimate at first glance but fail under scrutiny. For instance, a forged passport might have accurate details but use incorrect paper, ink, or security features. This discrepancy can be spotted during routine checks at borders, banks, or other institutions.

Case of Easily Detected Fakes

In one case, a man in the UK was caught using a fake passport that he had bought on the dark web. The passport had several flaws, such as incorrect font and spacing on the personal details page. Border security immediately flagged it, leading to his arrest and subsequent conviction for identity fraud.

High-Quality Forgeries

Even high-quality forgeries are not foolproof. Advanced security features in modern documents, like biometric data, holograms, and embedded microchips, are challenging to replicate. Authorities regularly update verification methods to detect these features, making relying on even the best forgeries risky.

Ethical and Moral Concerns

Using a fake identity can have profound ethical and moral implications. It can harm innocent people whose identities have been stolen and used, causing them significant distress and financial loss. Additionally, supporting the illegal document trade contributes to broader criminal activities.

Case Study: The Disappearance of Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès

Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès is a French businessman who disappeared in 2011 after his wife and four children were found murdered in their home. Despite an extensive manhunt, he remains at large. Reports suggest that Dupont de Ligonnès may have used false identities and the dark web to evade capture. His ability to disappear highlights law enforcement’s challenges when tracking individuals who use new identities.

Case Study: The Fugitive Life of Rocco Morabito

Rocco Morabito, an Italian mob boss, was one of the most wanted fugitives in Europe. He was arrested in 2017 in Uruguay after being on the run for over 20 years. Morabito used a variety of new identities to avoid detection. He lived in Brazil and Uruguay under false names and utilized forged documents to establish a new life. His case exemplifies how dangerous criminals can successfully evade law enforcement for extended periods by creating new identities.

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