How to buy new identity?

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How to buy a new identity, who do you contact? Where do you look? Is it safe?

Every day, millions of individuals use the Internet for a variety of purposes. Basic tasks like tweeting to distant employment and how to a new identity.

Although specialists from a hacking course point out that the Internet has become a widely used tool. they also point out that it is one of the primary operating bases for hundreds of criminal organizations for illicit activities.

The “conventional Internet” is what the cybersecurity community refers to as the area where law enforcement agencies from around the world have spent a lot of time and money trying to stop illegal activities on the Internet.

However, since the majority of cybercrime occurs on the “dark web,” which is a network that can only be accessed using specific tools, where criminal organizations still operate with a fair amount of freedom, entering this network is difficult.

Drug traffickers, pedophiles, malevolent hackers, and for-hire killers are the main users of this portion of the Internet, according to organizations like the FBI and Europol.

However, the selling of forged documents, which are in great demand from alleged criminals, immigrants, and even political refugees, has emerged as one of the latest enterprises with the quickest growth rates. Although it could appear like a fiction-only habit, it is becoming commonplace in many nations.

How to buy a new identity

Hacking course specialists believe that a variety of stolen and fabricated documents, such as passports, driver’s licenses, academic credentials, and even bank accounts, may be discovered. Considering the price of these documents, purchasing a new identity might be rather affordable.

We’ve all seen in movies how bogus identities are created, but that’s all. What if I said it was both feasible and inexpensive?

Would you like to buy a new identity?

In recent years, obtaining a new identity on the darknet has gotten simpler. Users have unparalleled access to phony and stolen personal documents on the darknet, which are currently more affordable than one may anticipate. the typical price of the paperwork required to begin a new life with a totally different personality.

The cost

Many of the underground sites exclusively take payment in cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin (BTC), despite the fact that there is virtually always a payment option using currencies like US dollars.

The price of a completely new identity, which includes a new passport, license, diploma, birth certificate, financial information, and phony money, varies from nation to nation.

Depending on the nation, the average price of a new person is $12,048. The cost of buying forged documents relies on a number of variables, including the difficulty of getting the documents, the source of the data, their authenticity, and the anticipated worth of the standard of living in the country that is supposed to have issued the documents.

In most nations, the price of getting a new identity is:

  • $14,294 in Australia,
  • $13,253 in the United Kingdom
  • $13,051 in Europe
  • $13,051 in the USA
  • $13,038 in Canada

The average price of getting a new identity in different nations around the world

The dark web offers two different kinds of passports.

According to experts, passports with claims like “registered,” “authentic,” and “able to pass verification” cost more money. Typically, the cheapest fake passports cost the customer about $100. An “authentic passport” on the dark web typically costs $12,745 Australia, $15,745 Canada, $29,700 for Europe.

Even if the average cost of a fake European passport on the dark web is $17,750, the price of forged documents varies by nation due to a variety of reasons. A false Norwegian passport will cost the most, at $66,800, followed by those from Switzerland ($59,764), the Netherlands ($57,745), Germany ($55,745), France ($53,745), and Spain ($52,690).

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